Problem with SunFrog Shirts Stripping Affiliate Links (Sales)

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I've recently decided to switch from using Teespring to SunFrog shirts for some of my campaigns. I've been doing this now for about a week and have noticed a couple of times where I'll upload a design to the site, get the affiliate link, and then post it to my social media sites. I'll check back later (often within an hr or two) and I will have several sales but am only receiving an "artist's" commission for the sale (roughly $1) instead of both the artist's and affiliate commission ($6-7).

I get that there is a slim possibility that someone lives on the SunFrog shirt site and every time a new design is posted they take the design and send it too their lists. Or, that several people coincidentally find my recently uploaded designs and choose to buy multiple shirts within an hour or two of me posting them. However, I think what is actually happening is that somehow my affiliate link is getting stripped somewhere and I am not getting the affiliate sale credit. I have contacted SunFrog and asked for some type of documentation showing that these sales did indeed come from an affiliate. I got the following formatted response

"We have a huge amount of traffic that is driven to our site via approximately 40 different pet sites. Each of the end users are doing searchs on our site so I have no doubt that these sales are credited to an affiliate."

This tells me that they either A) do not care enough to do some basic research to verify that their system is potentially stripping sales, or B) are willfully stripping sales from affiliates. Has anyone else had any issues like this with Sunfrog? Are there any other shirt suppliers out there that people are having success with besides Teespring and Sunfrog?

Thanks WF!
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    Did you get to the bottom of this,Vallejomedia?

    Looking at trying out SunFrog, has it worked out okay for you?

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    I've never heard of Sunfrog! I've been using
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    I think it's more likely people are seeing your recently uploaded designs and buying them rather than Sunfrog stripping affiliate links.

    Sales are good and you'll have no way of proving anything so just focus on what you CAN control which is getting more people to your affiliate link.
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    This just happened to me as well.

    I made some sales through a FB ad campaign, and almost 30% of the sales were stripped of affiliate commission. I only recieved the artist commission of $1. The good part is one of the designs made one sale & under traffic details the only one hit has come from Facebook. Have written to them seeking support. I expect a positive response, or I am taking down my designs off that website. SF is too much hassle already with design & color uploading for a measly $1 return.
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    I think there's a bit of misunderstanding of the power of affiliate traffic here.
    If most of the traffic coming into the site is already cookied up by an affiliate, then they'll see your design, buy it and the aff money will go to the original affiliate.

    If you're moaning about the rate that a designer gets then you've possibly got a point and that needs to be taken up with the site. I think I'd see it as a positive if users were scouting the site, seeing my design and then buying it.

    But to get the commission as an affiliate, you'll need to be sending traffic (to ANY offer there). There is no exclusive on your design as an affiliate as well. It's just looking like your own social media or traffic driving methods didn't work as well as the sheer volume of traffic coming in from other affiliates.

    There's probably some conversion stats to be had out of there if you knew the site's traffic and affiliate breakdown but that's beyond me at this time of the night. Actually, there should be some if you've employed a pixel or have connected to GA.
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