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Is this the best way to learn without a coach or mentor? Or is researching a better approach? Little bit of both?
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    Without a coach or mentor, yes, you definitely want some trial and error. All too often I see newbies go the research route and that just leads to inaction... some research is required (and will save you time and money!), but it's great to learn lessons by taking action. You'll learn a lot from your failures!
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    I agree, you need to take action. Too many people "talk" and do little, or don't finish anything. Can't learn anything from unfinished projects.

    Only way to learn is to do something, get it out there and promote it. Then you'll learn what works, what doesn't.
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      Why not get a job in a related field instead? Before my partner and I started our business I had worked for about 15 years doing web development, systems administration and strategic IT consulting. My partner had worked about the same time doing internet communications, marketing and program management.

      Sure, you can learn on the job, but wouldn't you rather learn from people who already know something about what you're trying to do? And wouldn't you rather have a guaranteed paycheck while you were working? I've had plenty of "mentors" and "coaches" but I usually called them boss and they paid me -- I didn't pay them!

      I assume you wouldn't try to start a car repair shop without knowing a lot about repairing cars, why would you start an internet business without knowing something about that?
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    Another thing a coach can do (a good one at least)
    will hold you accountable. Everyone has to go through
    trial and error otherwise.
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    I've been down the Coaching road before....

    You'll have trial and error with or without a Coach...

    The bottom line is you need to do your own work....

    You need to test on your own....

    You need to motivate yourself.... Have a strong "why."

    A Coach can come in to give you some pointers...

    Pointers... NOT a "magic bullet" to wealth. These pointers are mostly freely available here on WF.

    The big problem I've found with many Coaches here on WF is I end up holding them accountable.... instead of them holding me accountable. These were "well known" and "trusted" WF Coaches....

    Many simply see Coaching as another "revenue stream" and are not focused on helping students succeed.

    All The Best,

    Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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  • kilgore makes a really good point. With a job, you get to learn, get paid, and have money to invest in your business. Free resources are great and all but to make some serious money, you'll need to invest in good tools and resources.
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      I credit research combined with trial and error for my success. As a previous commenter already said, research along with trial and error are both required no matter which route you decide to take.

      Wishing you much success,
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    Researcg, trial and error you have to test the waters. Set priorities and stick to them.
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