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Hello everyone,I am just starting as a internet marketer, can you please suggest me some internet marketing resources to start my research with.Like some tutorials or a guide.Something like that
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    The #1 IM resource you must tap into is the "War Room".

    Sign up for that and let me know you have done so, and I will give you Step #2 to your IM Success Masterplan.
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      Thanks done the same
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        IM Success Masterplan Step #2:

        [2] Find a "Market" where you can add value.
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          Kindly let me know what are the things with which i can be useful in a niche.

          1)Are they blogs/articles etc
          2)Or something else
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    If thats the case i would like to say software development
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      Originally Posted by marketmonkey05 View Post

      If thats the case i would like to say software development
      Can you write 50 to 100 articles on that topic?

      Can you make a product to sell in it?

      Can you put together a decent website that adds value to the internet and for that particular market?
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        Yes i will be able to do that and put it on the internet.So i basically need a product to sell,can i explore other products as well??

        What is better your own product or others??
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          I would wait on the product.

          Even before the product, you need traffic.

          Get traffic first and foremost. It should keep you preoccupied for a while.

          You need a website, and traffic coming to your site. And you need to capture that traffic into a bottle/aka email autoresponder.
          The Warrior Forum
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    There are a lot of places to get the information you seek, Warrior Forum being one of them. Spend as much time digging into the meat here and you'll know more than 90% of people. It's that last 10%, though, that's the secret to whether you win or lose.
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    Hire best online marketer to guide you about online marketing this is best way to get start.
    Prospring launch offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week.

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    Personally it all depends on your skills and personality. You also have have to factor what your objectives are i.e how much you can commit to it and how much money you would like to make.

    Here are some suggestions though.

    If you are good at the following.....

    Web designs, Logos, article writing etc... - Then offer your services on places like Fiver, warrior forum, facebook. Use tools such as facebook, youtube to sell yourself and your previous work. If you can turn jobs over in quick time you will generate a decent income from this.

    If your good at communicating with others both verbally and written form and you have the ability to forge relationships with ease then maybe look at joining a membership group. Personally it can be rewarding however you just have to be careful of which one you choose and your not losing any money.

    If you feel you have an interest in selling products, then maybe affiliate marketing is right for you however you need to be careful on what products your promoting. You certainly do not want to be promoting duff products because that only going to effect your reputation and harm your longevity in this business. With that said there are some great products out there that can make you money and all you have to do is choose what matches your niche and go for it. Remember the money is in your list and you need to look after that list. There are many ways you can build your list, both free and paid but I wont go into that right now.

    Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay realistic and take baby steps towards your long term goal. Its okay if you fail or things dont go your way straight away. If you are mentally strong and your clear on what your goals are,


    Remember we are here for you and if ever you need some advice then the warrior forum is the place to come.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    If you're a software developer you could create Wordpress plugins and sell them as WSOs... it's a high demand for those in the WSO section of this forum!
    Mine crypto coins not using graphics cards but by building gold mines in an online strategy game???
    [EASY $100 a month] How to make money playing GoldenTowns
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    There are many resources out there for you to get your hands on. I personally would recommend you get access to the War Room mainly due to the fact that there are tonnes of informative guides on how to succeed online.

    I would also recommend getting some decent WSO's. Just do your research so that you know which ones are good enough to buy. Some WSO's are just rehashed garbage so watch out for them.
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    War Room got the thumbs up for me
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    Keep reading buddy, keep taking notes, and studying, and putting the new knowledge into action. All the best!
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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