What's The Fastest Prodcut You Have Ever Created?

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I was asked earlier today by a coaching client (who obviously had a timeline in his head for turning information into cash), what the fastest product I ever developed was.

Great question, would like to hear about yours too...but here's mine.

After I released my first product back in 2000 (yikes!) it opened the door to a number of interviews which, at the time, were a little more challenging to record not having all of the digital gear we have today within reach.

I quickly pulled together 3 interviews with top, market leading experts, recorded all 3 interviews in one day, edited them down and had them ready to distribute the next day. It took me another day to complete the sales letter and setup the new product in my shopping cart. That same afternoon (3rd day) I had the product website up and running and emailed my list who snapped it up like hungry jackels.

So, that was 3 days with 1 of those days making up the bulk of the effort.

The product was high quality because the experts were the real deal and the questions were detailed - pulling lots of interesting stuff from them...I still go back and listen to them today.

What about you - what was your fastest product development that led to a quality product?

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    I put together my domaining forum in 2 days ( with paid subscriptions ). 4 days after that I had 200 members and 20 paying subscribers.

    That was last week, and it's probably the fasted "product" I have launched so far.

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      My fastest production time was about 4 hours, including the salesletter.

      It's sold a couple thousand copies now.

      It's funny how little attention this thread (and others like it) actually get.

      If you'd asked about the largest number of articles or squidoo lenses someone had created in a day, people would be crawling all over it.

      It's amazing how hard some people work - and how much content they create - in order to build someone else's business.


      4 hours was my fastest so far.

      Well, except for the time I spent 10 minutes putting up a project on GetAFreelancer.com where I got an expert to answer 20 questions.

      It took her a few days but my actual time spent for the salesletter and product compilation was probably less than 4 hours...


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    took about 9 months

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      I wrote a novel in 72 hours. Wrote a second one in about 120 hours (we're talking 100K words here). I do design and websites and stuff like that, and none of that takes near as long.

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        Last year, "All Thumbs Guide To Installing $7 Scripts". The idea came from need. I needed a guide for each time I installed the script (Still do use it -- now upgraded version) and others here were asking me how I'd done it. So from idea to conception was about a half day. Simply screenshot an installation and wrote the directions. Longest was waiting for my cover graphics.
        Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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          I just finished my first small report in 2 days. I really only spent a couple hours on it, and it's about 5 pages long.

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