First clickbank sales

by Andrew McNaught 5 replies
I made my first clickbank sales this week. I logged on and was stunned to see 3 sales this last week since I've never made any previously and thought I would stay looking at 0.00 forever. In fact, these sales were achieved with very little effort to be honest. The product is converting at 75% at the moment i.e only 1 person did not buy! So, if anyone is yet to make a sale then this should be motivation enough to keep going cos it will happen.
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    Awesome Andrew! You must be on cloud nine right now!

    This is really going to be a motivating factor for you to keep doing exactly what you are doing.

    I wish you continued success...

    Frank Bruno
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      Awesome Andrew, feels great doesn't it!

      Congrats mate, wishing you many more.

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        Congratulations on your first CB sales Besides
        giving you that warm fuzzy money feeling it's also
        a great motivator to do more work!
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          Good for you. Now get to work making that a daily occurence

          "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." -Plato

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            yes it is very high. but I suppose 4 hops is far from enough data to get an accurate result, it could just be luck. those talking about motivation are spot on, you can't buy or read in an ebook the feeling of knowing that what you are doing works.
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