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So I went to Fiverr for a logo design and paid $35 because of what I requested. Started out fine and he said he would have it in 10 days but I see the gig ending time is Jul 2? Well, it is past the 10 days he said and he is not responding. Do I wait till Jul 2 or can I cancel? I'd rather just go somewhere else, I really don't like not having a logo on my site. It just doesn't feel professional and I don't want people coming there without it. I actually sketched what I wanted and didn't even think it would be that hard. He got really good reviews too, unless he paid for those on Fiverr. Any advice?
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    From what I remember on Fiverr is when you order a gig you can cancel it, If you go to the gig you ordered under your login it under the shopping Tab, it will or should have something that says cancel gig or something like this. Been a while since I was in last. Which will get you a refund. if this is not there you can contact customer support explain to them what has happened and seller not getting back to you, they will get back to you about it.

    Have you got a example of what you want, can you send me via PM I can have a look at it for you.
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    If the seller didn't deliver on the promise I would for sure cancel it and go with someone new. Just contact Fiverr, let them know what you are doing, and they will give you the $35 in credit for other purchases.
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    I think you can only cancel once it goes beyond the original delivery date.

    How many days did the gig say it would be delivered in?

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    You can cancel only when delivery time expires or only mutual cancellation. You need to wait until expiry date
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    yeah you will need to wait
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    If you have urgent & the seller does not reply you. you can see another. Otherwise you can wait for the seller reply.
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    Talking to fiver and asking them about it could help you.

    It is not worth the time and stress just to wait on the seller.

    I always delivered my gigs in the past honestly and quickly.

    If there was ever a delay that would happen, I would make sure to let the buyers know about it so they don't panic.
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    Yeh unfortunately you cannot cancel until after the delivery date specified on fiverr. Well at least not to my knowledge anyway. Maybe if you contact fiverr they can do something about it.
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    You placed an order and have to give the seller the chance to deliver till due date.

    Only way is if you get in touch with the seller and ask for mutual cancellation. I guess the seller has to decide if he accept this.

    The money will not go back into your Paypal account, you get a credit for other Fiverr Gig's, so if you would like a great Logo from a guy in here (Logonerds) you would have to pay extra.

    He has a special WSO offer for 20 bucks for a pro logo, and he is a really great designer.


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