CB - Average Sales Per Hop?

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Would like to here some rates. Thank You
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    my average rate 1 sale/ about 80 hops
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    Mine is about 1 sale every 60 hops :-)
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  • I used to have a site that was super targeted but would only average 2-5 hops per day because of only doing simple article marketing.

    However, it would get 1 sale out of those 5 hops, so I always was getting sales
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    Kind of a useless statistic for us to give you since we likely all have different promotional methods and the products we promote have largely fluctuating conversion rates.

    But, just to play: my best converting affiliate promotion currently converts at 1 sale in every 74 hops (it has been a little higher and a little lower at times).
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    We have recently been exploring ways to improve reporting on earnings per hop (EPH) values through our client analytics system and would welcome your feedback. Some networks filter for duplicate clicks. At ClickBank, we show you every click counted without filtering. We also do not give you an earnings per hop amount in the current report that is based on total lifetime value for a consumer, but instead is representative of initial sales only. For example, the EPH data column does not show you how much that sale ultimately generated if you include upsells and rebills for subscription products.

    We believe there is a better way to give you this data and would enjoy hearing from our clients on how best to improve it. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,
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    most of my chosen products have 10-12 hops per order.
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    In the past week I had an ad that generated loads of traffic, I received 149 email responses on this ad, about 97 Clickbank hops the last time I checked and is still increasing and only 1 sale of this product. I found this very strange, is this possible?
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    It varies a lot, if you have a lot of different niches/products it is hard to say, some times you can get a sale with less than 50 hops other times more than 100. But I have had some good success with CB so stick with it.

    All the best
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    i have promoted only 15 hops i don't have any sales.But i don't know what you people are getting traffic from and making sales.Hearing from you all is nice but if i make i would be also too happy.
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    It's solely going to depend on the quality of traffic you are sending to the salespage and what you have done to that traffic before-hand. If you have pre-sold people on something then your conversions per hop will likely be much higher.
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