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I would like to create micro sites. what is the preferred tool. I was thinking wordpress?
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    Wordpress is the best platform to create a micro-site, membership site, and as a blog platform.

    Now, they are being used for CMS styled sites, as well as social networks with the advent of Buddy Press.

    The outlying issue with Wordpress is that some plugins are great, and some plugins are bogus. Wordpress needs to put up measure to ensure that the plugins created are updated & the ones that are listed that are NOT updated, are put on a different level or categorized as NOT Up to date, to force developers to either keep them up to date, or get rid of them.

    Right now there are great plugins, but a high percentage of the "great plugins" are just not being updated properly. The other issue is that everyone wants to have their plugin called first when the site is running, which causes conflicts vs. each other.

    But overall, it's very flexible
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    Hands down wordpress. It's the easiest to manage and the easiest to find themes for.
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    Wordpress definitely. I give my vote for wordpress from experience.
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    WP is good but for a micro site a static site is best. If something happens on a cheap host account I can get my site back up in minutes rather than dealing with WP database crap. NO doubt WP is great for a money site but it is overkill for a micro site.
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    The latest versions of WP make it so that you can easily export an XML feed of your entire sites content, categories, tags, and comments.

    Importing said feed is just as easy.

    My vote is still for WP
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    A one page minisite? I prefer Notepad++ and photoshop
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