What email should I use for my Online Business?

by Hemmer
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Okay guys i'm totally lost here.

I have my own authority website, let's call it Cashinator.com (just an example)
On the "About Me" page I do tell people Who I am in real life and How I got started etc.
So my question is:

When I want to make a profile on Twitter, Instagram, Imgur, LinkedIn, google+ and so on.
What email should I use? Should I use my Private email or shall i create a new one for my business? My thoughts are like this:

Facebook: Cashinator (group)
Google+: Cashinator
Twitter: My personal twitter
LinkedIn: My personal LinkedIn
Instagram: I have no idea
Imgur: Have no idea either.

- But I don't know what email I should use, so people can get in touch with me.

Please help me out guys. And sorry for my bad english and grammar
#business #email #online

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