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by vtscmo
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I'm developing a site with travel information for a particular trade show and hope to convert visitors to book a hotel by clicking an affiliate link on my pages. If anyone knows a good travel site which demonstrates good affiliate conversion practices, please share it. Thanks
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    Yes,You can check Travelerrr, as good example which demonstrates good affiliate conversion idea.
    You can check the demo at demo(dot)travelerrr(dot)com

    Hope it will help you
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    Well yes, there is a website called tripadvisor (you may have heard of it!) they do this very well indeed.
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    check online a find one and then copy it and make some exchanges
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    You can go and search CJ (Commission Junction) for travel affiliate programs they have a great offers and high conversions
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    Hi there,

    you could check out tripadvisor as mentioned above another is lonelyplanet and check out normadicmatt as well.

    always remember, loads traffic + conversion = sales

    Keep on testing!
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    Tripadvisor rocks when it comes to travel. It has great content, excellent user engagement and loads and loads of information. You can get lots of ideas from there.
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    There is one that is spending allot right now on television ads. But I don't know if I want to say the name of it to promote them, because I don't like their business model.

    joecason hit submit faster than me, but that is the one. allot of commercials on cable tv here for them. kayak not so much any more, but trivago is spamming itself quite a bit

    expedia controls trivago, and kayak is a priceline company
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