Where do you put your up-sells & down-sells

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OK, I am having a doubt and wanted to clear it.

I have One Main Sales page where I am promoting/selling Only ONE Main product worth 12$ till now.

Now, I want to do up-selling & down-selling.

So will I or can I put the up-selling & down-selling products also on the Main Sales page ?

For eg., for the down-selling product, can I start like this just below the Buy Now Button of the Main product >> Are you thinking that you don't to spend 12$ for the above product. No problem. Here is another product called XYZ and it costs only 7$.

And for the up-selling product, Can I write >> By the way, here is another product worth 15$. So if you can spend threee dollars more, you will get a lot more than 12$.

Please let me know
Thank you
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    In general what most people do is, after someone buys your product on your main sales page and have paid with Paypal they are then taken to another page with a one time offer.

    If they do not buy the one time offer by clicking the "No thanks" link they may then be taken to another page which is called the "Downsell page". The downsell page is where you can present the "one Time Offer" again but take something away so it is at a lower price.

    Hope this helps
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    I just forgot about the OTO page/offer.

    I am assuming that GENERALLY the OTO product costs more than the Main Product. In other words, it is the up-selling product. Am I Correct?

    If they reject the up-selling product they are taken to down-selling page.

    I think a Funnel can be setup in many different ways. I was trying to think outside the box.

    Here is one link which people gen. do.


    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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      Yes you are right - upsells and one time offers (which are the same ) are higher in price than the product on the main sales page.

      Thanks for sharing that link which shows another interesting way of doing things - having a one time offer page display after someone fills out a squeeze page.
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