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I should know this by now but I wonder a thing about keywords.

Should I always enter keywords that are 2 or more words when describing a website to add
to directories, socialbookmark sites, etc or is it ok with single words instead?

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    Two or more words (long-tail phrases) are less competitive than single keywords, usually. It depends on the keyword, of course.

    You are more likely to get your website onto the first page of search engine results with phrases than with single words and the first page is where the traffic is

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      The first page varies somewhat by the order the same words are entered. What are the implications of that when you're putting in your adwords bids?

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        My success was in part to my use of a two-word keyword, but that's also because these words were highly searched with not a lot of sites to serve the hungry searchers. Keywords are important, but I think the most important element of success for SEO is to provide great content for a hungry audience.

        Also, I learned in my process that getting lots of traffic is not dependent on one single strategy, but instead on multiple elements all working together to create a rush!

        I hope success and goodness to you!
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          I would use more than one keyword unless you are using tags for keywords, and even then it doesn't hurt to have multiple keywords as tags.

          The more keyword you have or the longer strings that you have, the more Internet space you'll hit on.

          Frank Bruno
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