Got a question (for anyone who knows) that I can't find in the WSO section

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Hey all,

It's Robert C.----> here and I got a simple question for the WF locals,, or anyone who may know this or,, where would I ask this question anyway?

Ok, this is about a WSO and submitting a thread; If I create a sales page on WP or, I have a sales page template (that I bought as a WSO from here), how do I install or insert that sales page into the thread for a WSO?

I go into the "new thread" area, but I don't see anything other than what they have there to build a sales page right there. Do I need to insert the HTML for the sales page I wish to insert?

Or, do you know where to find the answers to these questions if this is not the place? (I didn't see anywhere to ask a question in the WSO area)


Robert C. ---------->
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  • If you purchased a WSO template, then most likely it came in PSD format, in which case you would edit it and customize it inside of Photoshop, or other program, and then convert your finished salespage into an image format such as Jpeg, Png, etc. Then simply insert the image(s) into the WSO thread.

    If you create a sales page on WP, then there's not much you can do with that other than linking to that page from within the thread, or you could take a full screen shot of that entire WP page, and edit / insert the image into the thread.

    You could also create your post from scratch in html inside the thread.
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    That's what I was looking for. So, I need to make it an image and insert the image. Got it.


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