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by seany
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Hello all

I am trying trying to find a niche for a new business venture. Using Google Keyword Planner, the keywords I am testing are receiving between 500-1000 monthly visits. To me this sounds like a small amount thus not being worthy of any further research.

Should I only be focusing on keywords that return a high monthly search volume?
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    I agree that 1000 monthly searches is kind of small...

    That being said, lots of people focus ONLY on very tiny searches so they can easily rank. (Another variable of consideration is always competition... Check that out too)...
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  • if the 1000 searches are for a $10000 product then it might be worth it

    if the 1000 searches are for a $1 product then maybe not so much

    it really depends on the goal of what you are doing with the traffic

    also you can use adwords to buy the top 1 spot and see if the traffic is worth anything to you instantly, or build a couple page site, buy the traffic and see if it's worth trying to rank for organically

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    As an outsider to a category that is probably the best way, but if you know the category well you might decide the category has much more potential that it shows. For instance, in my case I am in publicity, and the search numbers are relatively low for the category and the keyword searches are misleading, so I am in it and doing fine, but an outsider would pass the area by. OK, thanks, and good luck. Edward Smith.
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    my rule of thumb has always been in excess of 3,000

    however if there is lots of other keywords around that niche then I would look further into it :-)

    All depends :-)
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    If your new to this then anything from 1500 - 2000 monthly searches is ideal as long as it doesnt have high competition. Low competition only. Then look at the other related words do the same and add them so that way you stand a better chance of making money. Its a technique that worked for me and a made some modest money from it.

    But to be honest you need to make sure the isnt saturated and that their a profit to be made. If you get stuck you know where and how to find me
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    If you are just starting out I think that even 1,000 searches per month is too high. Look for keyword phrases that are in the 300 - 500 range with low competition. This way you can start to get some traffic to your site while you build up to those 1,000 search keywords.

    It's not all about the number of searches, but you also have to look at the sites you're competing with to get those clicks. You might find a site with 300 searches per month and very little competition that are buyer search terms. Or, you might focus in on a term you think are buyers, that is over 1,000 searches per month, but come to find out those searchers don't buy.

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    receiving between 500-1000 monthly visits. To me this sounds like a small amount thus not being worthy of any further research.
    Depends on what keywords you are targeting. I've made thousands from single keywords with less than 200 searches. When it comes to keywords, the quality of keywords far out weighs the quantity.

    What good is big amounts of traffic, if it doesn't make you money.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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