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Hi, Ive gone from a daily loyal warrior forumer in 2012 ish to quite absent from here and much less invloved with internet marketing, as I looked after my ailing parents. These days Im getting back on deck here again, and realize with the exponential growth in the net generally that my knowledge of print on demand publishing and marketing ebooks is now quite a bit behind the times.

There seems many new ways to market ebooks to the point that Im seriously baffled as the best places to start. Ive written a travel ebook, destination specific detailed, and know that most of the younger age tourists are using smart phones/ipads etc, and this would be an ideal document for devices like that.

So, a couple of questions ...
Ive made it into a 16:9 ratio pdf and it shows and read just fine on friends smart phones and ipads, but Im being told it needs to be formated for android use and that it should be listed in an APP store as thats where the younger folks purchase the things they need for their phones (because if they purchase from non app stores there is too many items not formatted correctly). Do I need to do this re formatting and is getting it onto an app store a good step?

In general, if you were me, what and where would be the most productive places to promote a travel ebook, value $10-$20? I have a regular website set up, and am considering any options to promote it, including media buys and seo with other than google engines.

Ive looked at google but they want up to $2-3 per click to advertise on the active keywords, which is way too high to be safe it seems to me for a small price item, only 3 clicks would/could wipe out the price.

Sorry for the newby style questions, its amazing how far everything has gone in just two or three years.
Thanks for any suggestions, BR
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    I would honestly start by listing it on Kindle + Nook. They're both free to list so there's nothing to lose.

    And if you're a legit author who loves to write? You may consider continually publishing more and more books for the Kindle.

    As far as media buying...

    A lot of the big media buyers have high ticket back-ends, so it might be difficult sell a $20 ebook and profit without a lot of tweaking/testing. In my opinion, the cost of PPC is very expensive these days compared to a few years ago. (I would say Facebook PPC is your best chance though, if you want to go that route).

    Just helping you brainstorm. I wish you all the best.
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    I also have a free ebook. Thanks for all the great suggestions.
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    1) Create a twitter account
    2) Get a killer Twitter cover hyping up your ebook on Fiverr. Install it on your Twitter account.
    3) Find high quality blog posts about your niche. Share these on your feed.
    4) Find highly influential people in your niche and Follow them. DO NOT (REPEAT) DO NOT mass follow people so you can blast them with tweets - that's spam and won't produce results!
    5) Send lots of @ messages to influential people in your niche CALLING THEM OUT - CHALLENGING THEM - Stay away from 'Good post, bro' a$$ ki$$ing
    6) Get a free hootsuite account and start rotation posting of links to your ebook page

    This is 100% FREE and you can have LOTS OF FUN doing it

    Doesn't take that much time either

    If you need automation tools for this, just ask around
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