Why I'm letting my $597 per sale business go to go back to my IM beginning

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Hello my fellow Warriors and friends, (be my friend if you're not)


Ok, anyway, as you can see from what I said above, I am going to be letting my $597 a sale business go (fizzle),, to focus on what I got into internet marketing for in the 1st place for,,, to make money online the way we all hope to make money online. Automatically.

And, when I 1st got into IM'ing, I did make the automated money that , yes, that's not supposed to exist. But, it does. YES, an automated income does exist IF you have a system put into place. How do you think all these so called "Guru's" make money? (Or anyone making good money,, they have a system to automate it,, in some way)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there is a magical button that I know of that you press and with 3 clicks, money pours into your bank account,,,, NO, that still doesn't exist that I know of yet. I wish...

But, back about 7 years ago, or so, I had the next best thing, and the ONLY thing that was anywhere near making money automatically. Yes, it was a set and forget type system. Except, I never forgot 'cause I was always checking Paypal to see what I made, on "autopilot". Yes indeed mister, automated money into my PP account.

How did I do it? What was the ONLY way I ever made money on autopilot in about 7 years of Internet Marketing? It was websites. I built affiliate websites. I built them, targeted at certain products, and inserted my affiliate code, and did my so called SEO of the day (back then) got my site ranked and watched the money trickle in.

I can still remember setting up the first one for Rap Beat Software and making $40 bucks a sale. It was awesome, so much fun, and the best part,, (after I built the site and did all the whoopla),, It was AUTOMATED!!!

But I caught the Shiny Object syndrome bug and got knocked off track searching for something "better" or "faster"... I didn't realize that I had the golden key to the castle right off the bat of my internet marketing career. I was uneducated in IM. Of course my sites were these crappy little things that I didn't think much about.

Boy was I wrong. They were small and very basic, but they were making a little money. I know now that THAT is the all most important thing. You can ALWAYS improve on a website that is making even just a little money. And if I would've kept those little sites and kept adding to them, they would be making thousands of dollars today and be worth tens of thousands to sell,, if I wanted to.

I know all this,,, now.

I actually went on to build a small business in the Mobile Website niche. I thought I had found the "money" and stayed with it for a while. But, what kept eating me was that this was not what I got interested in IM for in the first place. Always in my mind I wanted to make my own websites that automatically made me money once I built them and kept sending money into my account for as long as I wanted.

Well, recently, I came across training for what I had done all those years ago, building websites, but DAAAAAAMN,,, with an all new twist for 2014 and way beyond.
Websites,,,, yes,,, websites are what are, have been, and what always will be the way to make automated money online.

Every single person that knows anything about making money online wants a website on Google page 1 that makes money organically. There is no better way to make money that having a website do it automatically. (and yes people, I mean after you set it all up)

I created those little sites before without much else other than an article and maybe a video, but now,,,, whoa!!!! Over all these years of Internet Marketing, I was flabberghasted.(?) I now know without any doubt that I had it right waaaaaaay back in the beginning. (Makes me wanna punch me in the face, but, at least I have the education now)

And with a ton of research over the past 2 months ONLY on website development I learned how to build these NEW websites that will completely CRUSH, kill, destroy, devour, and swallow up an entire niche. And, all while Google "loves" me for what I am doing.

Gotta love it. It's a lot of education, but, it's what I have always dreamed of doing. I'm still jammin' on it. But OMG this is awesome!
I'm telling you, if you're a beginner, newbie, advanced, intermediate, Pro, whatever, this is the way to go. Theme structured websites perfectly designed for the big G.

If you're in IM, you know deep down, even if you don't wanna admit it here, you know someday you will HAVE to have your own websites to make REAL money. And, it's better to do it now rather than later.

Like I said, I'm dropping everything I've built to pursue this venture. It's not a new venture, it's just gottem WAAAAAAAYYYY better!

So, my friends, I just wanted to say, there's a new sheriff in town,,,
And it's name is Websites. hahaha,, no,, like i said, it's not new,, this has always been around since the beginning of the internet. There's just a new way of doing it that is better than anything ANYONE has ever seen,,,, EVER!

Ok,, i'm gonna go learn some more.

I love you all and the WF

Robert C.
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    Alright Robert good luck with your website empire if you know how to rank them highly consistently then you definitely have a money maker on your hands

    P.S. I hope your capturing leads from your sites as well that will really increase your income.
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    One thing I've learned regarding IM - it's continuously evolving and those who are wise, evolve with it.

    Mobile is huge btw; 'tis where the world is moving. Smart IM folk will build that into their business.
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    Hi Robert,

    Just read your post and you say you got started 7 years ago. I got started around 6 years ago and in the early years had a very similar experience to you. Pure shiney object syndrome, paid an insane amount of money to join a business opportunity, made no money whatsever.

    Then in 2011 I learnt SEO, mastered it, and since then ranked hundreds of sites #1 on Google and I have to say since learning SEO I have never looked back.

    Best of luck to you man, and many thanks for your post.

    - Si
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    Thanks entreprenuerjay, barbling (like your stuff), and Simon.

    I have had internet success here and there. But, as I say in my writings above, this is what I got into IM in the 1st place for the so called "easy money". The infamous "automated" money. That "legend" of the website that pays you over and over. I want money to fall into my lap (so to speak). If I build it,, they will come. And they will,,, I now have the knowledge, know how, education, expertise, and STILL have the ultimate desire, passion, and willingness to out do, and outperform ANYONE that stands in my way.

    I have one goal and it is to always dominate whatever I choose to do. And I finally got it. I get it. I understand without a shadow of a doubt. (and I will be showing you what I mean) I will be making some videos explaining what I now know, what I'm doing, and how I can help you understand. It's technical, but there is nothing better.

    I'm not one of the "dreamers" that hopes that I make it online one day. I'm a get up and kick ass and I make it happen for me. Almost everything I have decided to try to make money at online, I made some sort of money doing. But, what helped me make my decision on whether to continue or not was how difficult was the process.

    The funny thing is, what I am doing now,,is that the difficulty is massive,, for me at least. I'm taking a HUGE, super technical, and super underground website development system, that is so deep it makes my head hurt, and I'm going to put it into a language that my Warrior Forum friends can understand and relate to.

    They say it's not rocket science,,, but it is,, sort of. I learned this from a former military SEO website specialist, a former top Google employee, and some other top of the line website developers that are an underground Super Group that got together to rule any market they choose. They all left their positions because they realised together they could DOMINATE ANYTHING. And they do, and they train others,, for 20 G's. Shoot,, they just sent me an email to attend a short webinar for $2000. (oh wait they offered a $500 discount for a 1 hour webinar)

    Anyway, the new old is back. Or, the old new is here again. Or it never left,,,, just evolved. And oh how it has evolved. When one comes to terms with and has clarity for what is about to happen in the IM industry, you get a calmness inside. The understanding and clarity of the system, this process, gives you a feeling that you are on the verge of becoming an Internet Rockstar.

    Now that I understand the system and can wrap my brain around it, I feel like I can take it slower now. I see the light of IM

    Robert C.


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