How to use Squidoo for bum marketing ?

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How do I use Squidoo for bum marketing to promote products from clickbank ?
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    Exactly the same as you would for article directories.

    Write an article. Create a squidoo lens. Post your article on it. Add your affiliate link.

    Of course the benefit is that you can add your link anywhere on the page (unlike article directories where you can usually only place it in the resource box), add pictures, video and other features to help 'sell' your offer.


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    Here is a decent little book that was created by a Warrior. It's free. You need to have a account for this service( 30 seconds to get one, no cost). You can download all kinds of good FREE IM ebooks.

    Bum Marketing Guide

    Originally Posted by dyaonna View Post

    How do I use Squidoo for bum marketing to promote products from clickbank ?
    "Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody"
    -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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    So does it really work?

    I mean do people reach those squidoo lenses?

    I would love to promote my site and blog using squidoo, just wander how and if it really works.
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    Before you do anything serious on it.. check out their latest policy change, and ensure compliance to it to stay.

    NEWSFLASH! A Squidoo Policy Update

    About the limit on "overly promotional lenses"
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    Thanks waken. Looks like advertising your online business gets more and more difficult these days.
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      Originally Posted by kempos View Post

      Thanks waken. Looks like advertising your online business gets more and more difficult these days.
      Well yeah.. it's getting more and more competitive these days. Bum Marketing 2 years ago was really so easy.

      Anyway, No problem about that because just about every now and then, there are new Web 2.0 sites that born. Just keep an eye on it. You should have more than enough of these sites that you can switch to (but the best way is still to do it on your own sites that you own).
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    You should try to provide very useful information in your lenses. This will warm up people and they will likely recommend it to their friends or on their blogs as well. Every little bit may help to build traffic and sales.
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    Another thing about Squidoo. Squidoo has its own ranking system it uses to rank lenses. People tend to get all tied up tryig to get a good Squidoo ranking. But if you search on Squidoo for the name of a product you want to promote, you will find that many of the lenses with very high lens rankings don't do so well on Google. The way Squidoo ranks lenses is far, far different than the way Google ranks them.

    Squidoo gives high rankings for lenses with a lot of modules, with a lot of comments, and especially with a lot of "star ratings". (Star ratings can boost your rank on Squidoo more than anything else.) But those things don't mean squat to Google. Google is, as you know, all about quality content and back-links.

    Make sure to ping the RSS feed of your lens to get exposure. Bookmark it. Keep your keyword density around 2.8-3.3% for best results. Put a YouTube video up and put the link to your site IN A FRAME WITHIN YOUR VID for more traffic.

    Squidoo won't take some formats of images. For example, .png images won't load. I always use .jpg format and have no problem.

    Also, Squidoo won't take javascript in lenses. That means if you are using aWeber or some autoresponder where opt-in forms require js to function, you can't use the script directly. What you can do however, it to create a web page with your opt-in form on it and nothing else. Then take a screenshot of your pop-up and place the image of your pop-up on your Squidoo lens. Then link the image of your pop-up to your HTML page with the actual form and presto--you can opt-in names from your lens.

    You can use to following to link the image of your pop-up to its image on your lens:

    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

    Here's how to get the Clickbank hoplink for the product you are promoting into your Squidoo lens:

    <b><a href="http://your-clickbank-nickname.the-clickbank-code-for-the-">the-name-of-the-product</a></b>

    Take the <b> and </b> out if you don't want it to appear in bold.

    Squidoo doesn't have an HTML editor so you have to type the code in by hand--just type it in where you want the text to appear.

    Hope that helps!

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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