How do I spend $5,000 ($2,000 initially) of advertizing money?

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I have put aside $5000 for advertizing. I want to start with $2-3,000 first and then if needed use up the $5k. I am going to be selling an internet marketing related service. Where should I start? What have others done to get the best out of their money?
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    Before you spend that 2-3k, use a few hundred of that to TEST,TEST,TEST and TEST some more, or you could find yourself broke in no time.

    Pick up some tracking software free or paid also, it will save you money.

    You can easily spend 5k on advertising, and not make one cent back. It has happened to many people, and will continue to break banks long after you. So make sure you test first, before you jump in head first.

    What have others done to get the best out of their money?
    Nobody will tell you what they do to get the best out of their money, you can end up being their competition and drive up their CPC

    One thing they will tell you, is to test small samples first. If one campaign does not work, then scrap it and move on, don't keep throwing money at it.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    After setting up some STELLAR landing pages I have had monuments of success using the Youtube advertising platform. Customers can go from Video add straight to the product you are selling
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    As far as traffic goes - I suggest you test solo ads. Not all $5000 at once but one mailing at a time. Track the results, track the ROI, rinse and repeated if necessary. Solo ads tend to have the highest ROI at this moment for most people. For those who are experts in PPC, PPC works better but I personally think it is too risky.
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    I think advertising is all about working smart.

    You can get great results with much less than that. I would recommend advertising with craigslist and cold calling. Concentrate on local businesses in your area.
    FB ads and PPC are also some possible options but you will need an expert for that. If done wrong you will lose money big time. So it will be better to play safe and stick to the basics.
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    One thing they will tell you, is to test small samples first. If one campaign does not work, then scrap it and move on, don't keep throwing money at it.
    Good advice.
    My two penny worth, make sure that you know what your customers problem is first before you spend ant advertising money. If you are not spot on with their problem and its emotional consequences, then no amount of advertising will counter it.
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      Before spending that much money on advertising spend 100$ on 3-4 advertising portals. Test with different landing pages and different approches. Track the whole record of conversion.

      Once you get to know which is working better continue it with more money.
      You have to also change your advertising ways within every 3-4 months as once a advertising way get older the conversion get down.Always be active with it if you are spending that much money.

      You can do advertising with Facebook ads, banner adveritising with trusted banner ad sites, buy ad space on targeted forums, social media promotions etc....

      Make a research and calculate everything before you spend a single dollar.
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    Before you even think of starting to spend that money, do a bit of brainstorming about your ideal client and figure out the sort of places that they would hang-out, as these are the places that you should market.

    For example, if you were targeting marketing to a corporate niche, then they are more likely to be contactable by LinkedIn ads, or Google ads where they are actually SEARCHING for what you have to give. Facebook would fall flat...

    Whereas, if you are targeting a young generation, then Facebook ads would potentially be great as they would spend more time on Facebook than LinkedIn.

    Google ads are always quite a solid bet, as long as there are enough searches, as the customer is actively searching for what you are selling, and they want it BAD!

    This is not the be-all-and-end-all of choosing where you spend your marketing budget, but it is definitely an important thing to think about!

    Hope this helps!

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    Usually PPC are the highest converting advertising media. However, Adwords will not allow any ads about money making if that is what you are offering. I would tread very carefully first with PPC and increase your spending as you get more experience.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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    Originally Posted by cr726shd View Post

    I have put aside $5000 for advertizing. I want to start with $2-3,000 first and then if needed use up the $5k. I am going to be selling an internet marketing related service. Where should I start? What have others done to get the best out of their money?
    Before you spend the $5000 or even $2000, test out the free sources and exact traffic sources. Once you are ready with that info, you can spend money on the advertising.

    For example, how Facebook audiences react to your product or niche? Do they participate when you post something? Or you get more traffic from Google?

    Depending on that, you can try out Facebook advertising or Adwords PPC.
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    Originally Posted by cr726shd View Post

    I have put aside $5000 for advertizing. I want to start with $2-3,000 first and then if needed use up the $5k. I am going to be selling an internet marketing related service. Where should I start? What have others done to get the best out of their money?
    Get clear on what problem your "internet marketing related service" solves.

    Define that problem in a proprietary way so you are the only one that can solve that problem in your market.

    Write a 7-13 page report or record a short video or make a mp3 recording to sell for under $50...though $7 is a proven "no brainer" figure.

    I'm not a fan of "free" social media marketing; however, you're here in the WF so why not put your product in the War Room or place a classified ad to get feedback on your low cost high value product.

    Then, once you get Warriors seal of approval, run a WSO...and that can take you a lot further than the $5K you're looking to invest.

    Add your primary "internet marketing related service" as the upsell or in your email follow-up sequence or on the thank you page of your low cost high value product.

    This alternative allows you to keep your static $5K budget...and that's a good thing because once the $5K is's gone.

    And as long as your thinking is within the boundaries of what you can "do" with $5K, you will miss many more resourceful opportunities.

    Hope that helps,
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    Find a niche that you either know about already or can learn about. One that is not too competitive and that you can cut your teeth on. Stay away from Insurance, or anything money or diet related. These are not for newbies.

    There are a ton of amazing courses that you can find online. Just be wary of anyone selling snake oil. These are generally the ones saying I WILL MAKE YOU 10K in 1 HOUR (watch for the ALL CAPS) lol

    Look for the reputable members here and in other forums, watch carefully what they are doing. Listen and Learn!



    Remember there is no need to clog up the thread with thanks posts, just hit "Thanks" instead.

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    I don't know anything about your specific situation, so take this with a grain of salt, but I've seen a ton of guys lose money doing similar things. You expect the ads to work, but unless you have a background in it and know what you're doing, most don't.

    You may be better off using that money to do some kind of contest or paying bonuses to affiliate partners who will design their own marketing materials.
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    I can't imagine how any of us can give you great advice as the only thing we know is "going to be selling an internet marketing related service"

    We have no idea about your skills, your offer, what you have tried in the past etc...
    The internet like ANY business is not something you win at just because you have some money.
    Generally it is people with money that fail quickest at IM or business for that matter.
    The ones with no or very little money that have to figure out how to make a $1.10 return from $1.00 are usually the ones that scale up and win big.

    Of course I could be totally off base, maybe you have a decade of experience and know exactly what your doing but again we have no info to go on.
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  • Since it's IM related then definitely test solo ads then buy more clicks from the ones that produced the best results
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    I would tell you to try out solo ads, or facebook ads. But as people has said before you need to test it small first. Don't use all of your money and buy 5000 clicks on a solo ad.

    Start to buy maybe 100 clicks and test and track the traffic your getting. Same with facebook ads. Start small and test and tweak your ad and build up once you get it right.
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    If you are selling a product or service, look at some of that marketing money as providing free products or services to your target base as a marketing effort and subtract it from your budget. Facebook giveaway, instagram or twitter giveaway, third party giveaway sites, and tons of others are available to get your message out there.

    Set your goal first. What are you trying to do from a marketing standpoint? For social media or any of your strategies, are you trying to drive page likes, user interaction, increase sales (duh), or traffic to your website? Give away $200-$500 of product or service as a giveaway because people love free stuff. Have them like and share your statuses and it will waterfall traffic or whatever you are looking for over a month. The more they share, the better chances they have to win.

    Stay engaged with the audience throughout the giveaway, announce the winner and offer a discount to those who don't win. Hell you can offer even steeper discounts leading up to the end of the giveaway and you will be surprised at the amount of people who will pull the trigger. You will also build a pretty solid list this way too!
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    Gosh thats a lot of money to spend on advertizing. But congratulations you saved that much. Most people don't end up saving, they end up spending. Kudos to that!
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    Most people and some of my students have blown that sort of money before they came to me.

    Its very easy to BLOW that all in one go.

    My favourite with that amount of money is BING, FACEBOOK, ADWARDS, and MAYBE 7SEARCH

    With that amount and working smarter with landing pages, offers and a few videos you could turn every $1 you spend into about $3.... but again you have to work hard and not give up.

    I would be testing smaller scale as a few smarty pants in here have been saying and then go from there. Take the winners and go nuts. UPSCALE BIG, for BIGGER PROFITS.

    For me, your best bet is to stick to FB and BING, test with $100 on each, and see what is gunna work for you.

    Hope this helps. To your online success.
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    Contact the folks at Arcamax, get a top sponsor add in their Freebies publication. If you have a decent capture page you should get about 45%-60% opt-in... Immediately redirect those people to a generic make money online product. Send TWO e-mails per day to your new leads until you recoup your investment if you don't immediately do so. Works like a charm...
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    If you are even asking this question , then you should be trying to find a partner that is more experienced then yourself and try to come to an agreement that you will be the financial partner in the relationship and looking to learn well you guys make money together...

    Best of luck ....
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