Which name is proper to market?

by bsurb
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Hey warriors, quick question for everybody. I am starting a new brand up and I own two domain names but id like to get other feedback on which is the proper name that I should market.

ThaUndergrad or ThaUndergrads ?

It is going to be a clothing line, but a movement as well. It sounds shorter and much sweeter with out the s on the end but again when its customers from all over the world its one big group. (More than one)

But then again when I think about it, if you're wearing a shirt that says TheUndergrad on it, you're representing YOU. Letting people know that you are an undergrad.

Idk. I own both domains but I would like to hear others opinions on which one sounds more proper and better to market?

Thank you!
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    To me...it seems kind of odd that you're creating a business based on a domain name.

    You should have a business idea...and THEN do the whole domain thing.

    But...to answer your question...I like ThaUndergrad better for like an eCommerce/brand name.

    TheUndergrads sounds more like a community to me...so...maybe use it to create ThaUndergrad community?
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    I have my business ideas together. I just wasn't sure if I was pronouncing it wrong or what.

    For example, the Alumni is a music group. Its plural.

    The extra s takes so much effort to say lol
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    The Undergrad is best. Easily sounds more like a brand for youngish consumers

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    Thank you for the feedback.
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    AAnybody else have feedback?
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    If I had to choose, I would go with The Undergrads - simply because it's plural and includes others. It sounds more welcoming than The Undergrad.
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    Its starting to cause such a headache lol -__-
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    Flip a coin.

    It's the content what makes it becoming a recognized brand and not the name.


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    If you are wanting people to feel part of a group then the 's' on the end makes more sense.

    However I prefer it without the 's'.

    So depends what you are trying to achieve.
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    Well its going to be a clothing line to. I want people involved of course, but if someone is ordering a shirt from the store, why would they want something that says, THA UNDERGRADS? Wouldn't it make more sense to wear something that says Tha Undergrad on it? They are wearing the shirts for themselves.

    Also, when I sponsor people... It sounds better when they reply to the who are you sponsored by? Oh Im sponsored by Tha Undergrad. Rather than Tha Undergrads. Or maybe its just me?
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