Real Stats: Hits from Bing, nothing from GoArticles

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Reading threads here about and about changes at GoArticles - decided to stop conjecturing and look at stats.

Surprised to find that two of my top sites are getting visitors from bing on a regular basis in the past week or two. Also noticed I have NO visitors coming from GoArticles though in past months I did have visitors from there.

Nothing like real numbers to get the point across - will be paying more attention to bing. Already dropped GoArticles as worthless with the new ad links they're inserting.

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    Luckily they're dropping the links I've been getting good traffic from Bing, too.
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    Bing is a real winning, give it a year.

    Most people think Google is the bollocks but how do they REALLY know when there's been no one with enough financial clout to make something better? Until now
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    alittle off topic but...

    I just noticed Bing is standard search on my verizon cell phone... look out Google

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