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This may help a few of you. I used to use Firefox because of the add-ons I like. I have been running a scan on my computer every few days for a long time. (years) The scanner always found lots of malware.

Then I discovered Comodo Ice Dragon. It's based on Firefox open source. During installation it gives the option to go through their servers, which I did. Now I rarely get any malware in my computer.

One thing that I've found as strange, is when I want a new add-on, I frequently have to open Firefox, and install it there first, before it will even show up in Ice Dragon.

If you use Chrome, their replacement browser is Comodo Dragon. I haven't used it, so I can't recommend it.

I'm not associated in any way with these products.

About Windows: I use Macrium Reflect (free version) to back up my Windows system every few days. I keep 2 older back up files, as well as the new one.

Sometimes, something has happened to my computer that I haven't discovered, but it is included in my most recent back up.(Bad Deal) So, I have to restore my computer from the older back up.

On a couple of occasions, I got something in my computer that was horrible, and restoring a Macrium back up didn't help. When that happened, I did a fresh install of Windows, so that everything was clean. Then, I installed Macrium, and immediately restored from my back up. In both cases, I had my computer working again, with all my programs, in less than an hour.

Friends and family have asked me about these problems, so I imagine a few of you could use the information.
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