Working with Partners from overseas

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As a American and a noob to all this. Are good partnerships found in overseas relations?
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    The location of a partner is only important if their location will cause you difficulty in ensuring they honor their agreement.

    How you choose to structure a partnership is the key. Someone saying they will partner with you means nothing. Saying they will do X means nothing. What matters is having a structure or situation in place that you each bring value to the other and that you each have some sort of leverage that causes the other to honor your roles and promises.
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    It really depends more on a particular partner than location. It's much easier to trust locals since you have (relatively easy to avail) legal remedies against them if things go bad.

    If you have a long standing relationship with someone and you trust them sufficiently, location shouldn't really matter. The internet has made physical distance quite irrelevant, in my opinion

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    Originally Posted by moneycoin View Post

    As a American and a noob to all this. Are good partnerships found in overseas relations?
    Partnerships are good in overseas relations as long as you make a legal agreement with your partner and see to it that both of you are benefited equally. Everything must be in black and white.
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    Working with partners with abroad is completely OK as long as you treat him/her professionally.

    I have been working with my business partner via internet for the last 2 years and it is the
    best thing that has happened to me ... As long as you respect each others INTERESTS, i
    think geograhic bounds does not matter that much
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    Yeah alot of good partnerships can be found overseas. You can either physically go overseas, or use a site like Alibaba. Protect yourself though... use a service like escrow. com to secure your payments.

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    As long as you're taking enough legal precautions i don't see the issues with location.

    That being said, make sure to protect yourself as you can't really trust anybody when it comes to money if you do'nt know the person...
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    It is good to work with people over seas, you will be able to save cost while getting good work done. However, finding the right people to work with is the hard part. You will have to go through a lot of bad apples to find the good one. It is a frustrating process but has long term benefits.
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    The internet is global. You should most definitely take advantage of that.
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    From 2002 to 2006, I had 2 partners. One from Romania (programmer/web designer), and one from Australia (programmer). We created dozens of websites and earned a decent amount per month. We chat every night through yahoo messenger. We didn't even had a written agreement. It was all about trust. Our group was solid and if only Dan did not die because of bike accident, I think we could have a big online company now, or maybe a corporation.

    Location is not important. Trust is.....

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