*Rant ALERT* Really sick of fiverr advertising fake reviews

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I have just been on fiverr getting a logo done and noticed the front page is littered and I mean literally littered with people offering to do fake reviews and fake testimonials.

Do people not understand that besides this being unethical and immoral that it is now illegal in some states and territories for them to solicit fake reviews and testimonials or create them themselves.

I cant wait for fiverr and similar sites to be slapped with a huge fine. And its not far off IMHO. Currently the FTC in the US and similar organizations such as the ACCC here in Australia are targeting the business but just wait until they start attacking the source of these fake reviews -boy will it be a wonderful day.

Fake reviews and testimonials do not benefit anyone. Nuff said.

The consumer loses out in the end.

If you hire people to do fake reviews and testimonials or you yourself do them, you should be ashamed of yourself!
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    I agree...

    Check out places like Amazon too. Tons of egregiously fake (lol) testimonials and ads. (My "Non-Marketing" friends always tease Amazon because they perceive a ton of reviews to be faked)...

    (Now Amazon implements the "Verified Buyer" badge which is a VERY smart move)...

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