Combining a Contest With A Rebate? How would you do this?

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My graphic artist has built a pretty cool site. She is selling advertising on the site. She has four prime spots on it which will be featured on every single page of the so far 90+ page site. But she has plenty of other advertising space to sell as well, so she will give the rebate to anyone who places any premium ad order.

But since there are only four prime spots, she obviously needs to find a way to choose who she will place in these four spots and she is thinking maybe a contest.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I can't give out too many details about the site just yet, all I can say is that's local, innovative, and highly targeted to it's locals. This has no bearing on the four prime spots however because they are 'prime' and could very well be bought by large businesses.

So who has ideas? Not just on the contest itself, but how to make the offer crystal clear?


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