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What are the top 5 factors that a webpage must have in order to be able to convert the traffic it receives at the highest efficiency?
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    The biggest factor is QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. Get traffic from the appropriate (read: targeted) sources.
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    Call to action is another. Some say scarcity, play on people's emotions.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    When you get the answer to this question share it and
    we'll all be rich! ;-P

    Seriously, think about the fact that it has been proven
    a change in color of word can have a statistically
    significant impact on conversions. This shows there
    are no "x number of factors" to the most efficient

    The bottom line is test, test again, then test again.

    And then repeat.

    PS: I hate this part of the marketing equation.

    ..and you WILL contribute a verse.
    Indifference is the enemy that must be conquered.
    Appeal to the crowd by addressing the person.

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    Supposing you are getting targeted traffic, your webpage must:

    1. Have a good sales letter that converts visitors into buyers.

    2. Promote products that your audience wants to find and purchase.

    3. Have a money-back guarantee and privacy policy.

    4. Have information that helps your visitors trust you as a business owner, and trust your products.

    5. Capture email addresses in order to keep sending messages to your visitors, because most of them won't buy in their first visit.

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    I would say:

    1. Having quality traffic coming in consistently
    2. Having a compelling offer (product, information)
    3. Having a strong call to action (subscribe, buy, bookmark)
    4. Having a system to track, split test
    5. A little bit of luck

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    1) Include a feedback page on your website – By putting up a feedback page, you are giving visitors a feeling of connection between you and them. It’s like saying “Tell us what you want and we will listen.”

    2) Get a well-built information page – Internet users usually want everything that they want on a single page. It bores them to transfer from one page to another. To avoid this boredom, try to make an “about us” page that clearly tells everything that they want to know about your website.

    3) Get your forms on the go – Make it as simple as possible. Users would usually want forms which don’t require much time to fill it up. As much as possible, make your forms available on every page of your site.
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    Offer the best product, best price, best description, best picture, and best shipping terms among all other vendors, and you got it made.
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      There are several factors, but I will hit on some that haven't been stated.

      The first would be page load time. People hate to wait and as a result traffic can bounce away to your competition.

      Next would to be to break ad blindness/zombie surferism, and preconceptions. To me this is paramount. What makes your site different from all the rest? The same theme, color scheme, same layout, fonts. Is your content bland to the eye? Is it worthy of a bookmark?

      Often enough everyone suffers from some form of tunnel vision, surfer rage, have preconceptions of a site even before it loads. So first I try to shake my visitors awake in some manner.

      Next depending on the type of site, I often use sliders over banners and have better conversions.

      Another thing I don't try to hard sale or hype a product. I try to be transparent and real as possible.
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    how do you optimize your Web page?
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      how do you optimize your Web page?
      Come up with different versions and split test based on elements like text, layout, graphical elements, etc. You'll quickly find which elements are pulling in the sales. Make versions that highlight those elements. It will take lots of split testing to get the formula right. Every site is different.
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    Definitely need quality traffic from top tier country like US, UK, CND, Ireland, Australia...

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    Here's my share on this topic in order:

    1. Targetted Traffic - regardless of how good the headline or valuable the freebie you are offering if it doesn't make sense to them. They won't bother optin in.

    2. Headline - 90% of the time people will only bother looking at the headline. If it is not compelling enough they will not read the other parts.

    3. Call to Action - This one is important, you need to tell your leads what to do
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    Besides what has been mentioned does anyone have any other opinions on converting traffic?
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      Besides what has been mentioned does anyone have any other opinions on converting traffic?
      Why don't you list out your concerns? Otherwise, mods might think this is a keyword sniping/question phrase sniping discussion and the thread might get locked. Just trying to help you out here.
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    I am looking to convert the traffic I am getting.
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    Here you go. check this image to find out how the perfectly optimized page should be.
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    1.Have a call to action for sure like subscribe, connect it to DB, try to create a list for yourself to target later on.
    2. Your webpage should have some interesting updates daily to keep the visitors interested.
    3. make it visitor friendly , with small query forms so that they can connect with you.
    4. Chat support might also be good option to generate leads from the traffic.
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    1. Targeted traffic.
    2. Good headline.
    3. Good content.
    4. Good call to action.
    5. Good converting offer.

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