Is Online Servey is Worth?

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I like to do online servey and earn with it, Can you warriors refer some legit, good and best online servey sites.

Also please tell me can i earn with online servey.
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      Originally Posted by WER View Post

      Hello and I'm glad you asked that question since I am just about to start a new thread on the same topic! I found this cool e-book explaining how you can make money doing surveys. The pdf/e-book file has the link in it here: removed

      Hope this helps as it worked for me ;P

      Yeah, the only thing working is your affiliate links in that "free" eBook you are sending people to...
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    Originally Posted by amalrichard View Post


    I like to do online servey and earn with it, Can you warriors refer some legit, good and best online servey sites.

    Also please tell me can i earn with online servey.
    You'd be better of going to a small-time make money online forum. No offense intended here, but you would be better off working hard on affiliate marketing rather than completing surveys lol. For the same amount of effort, you could generate much more income.
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      yeah it is good to make money with them.

      survery is good for earning extra dollars.

      but if you focus on affiliate marketing you will definitely make more money.
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    If you can get quality referrals, I guess you can make a fair amount of money with online survey sites. Can't be any worst than selling $5 gigs on Fivver.
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    You can earn an extra few dollars but is is BEST to focus on ways that will bring you in passive income like affiliate marketing per say.
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    If you don't mind working for pennies, you can make money. The people who make the money with surveys are the people selling surveys, and rarely the people taking them.
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  • Profile picture of the author Trey Morgan is a legitimate site. I used to make some decent money with paid surveys years ago.
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      It depends on your definition of money. Most surveys pay pennies. The survey company that does pay the most pays about $3 per survey and each one takes quite a bit of time to complete and the surveys are infrequent.

      There are much easier ways to make money.

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        I wouldn't invest my time in doing surveys.

        I looked at most of the survey opportunities, and most of them don't even pay dead squat, unless you invest a considerable amount of time into it. It's a crap shoot, especially when you are not in control of your income. It doesn't even require skill - anyone can do it. And if ANYONE can do it, than businesses will pay you little - because the amount that you are payed is in exact portion to how much you are worth to the company.

        Your better off by being payed to write articles, or product reviews. You are paid higher.

        The most profitable ways to make money online is through starting a REAL business - either a service based business like freelancing or doing a product based business - like Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy. Either become a retailer, or a wholesale business, or create brand new digital products like apps. Content marketing is a business too - like advertising your products on YouTube and other social media sites.

        This is how it works:

        1 product or service that is worth $30, not that much right?

        but if you have 20 products or services you sell that are worth $30, then you will make

        30*20 = $600.

        And that can be per week, depending on how much you work to get it.

        So that is how the ball rolls with internet businesses.

        And Adsense isn't enough to pay the bills, unless you get thousands of views for each video that you own the rights to. (Adsense only pays pennies per view, that is why)

        If you want to be a commissioned salesman(an affiliate), that's another way to make big money online. Unlike traditional wage payed salespeople, commissioned salespeople make more money than wage paged earners. But merchants and top level managers make the most (he he), since they are practically the owners of companies.

        That is the thing. You have to be the OWNER of a company to make a good amount of moneys worth. The farther up the corporate ladder you go, the more money you will make. Simple as that. What better way to start out by becoming an entrepreneur? You don't have to climb up the corporate ladder and wait for years to do it. You can start right now - investing in books, cds, courses on internet marketing that will TEACH you the skills to start your own business - and essentially become the owner of a company.

        And if you don't commit to good customer service, building quality relationships with customers, good products, quality content - then your business will lose sales and you will fail. Having that plan, and your worth will eventually drop to $0 and you will be broke again.

        More worth/more value = $ More Money.

        So Get Bustin. Learn some real skills, and start investing into a REAL business - Online or Offline - Just DO IT.
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    Originally Posted by amalrichard View Post

    Also please tell me can i earn with online servey.
    You said you earn with surveys right? Then, why are you asking if its possible to earn money with surveys?

    No offense intended, but shortcuts will only lead you to chump change. If you want real money, get into real internet marketing (IMHO, surveys don't count) and work your way up.
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    Don't waste your time with surveys. Even if you're located in the US or Canada where "better" paying surveys can be found, you still won't get paid enough to make a full time income out of it. Sure, you may somehow earn $50 today, by chances are the next few weeks will only get you $1-5/day. It's just not consistent enough.

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    Like someone said above, Usually those who have success with survey's are those who promote them using CPA offers or whatever else. It is very hard to make a decent income filling out survey's. Not saying it can't be done but it is a very tedious and difficult thing to do.
    I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
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    Tough one here; with most surveys you'll make hundreds of dollars monthly, tops. Unless you're living in a low cost of living spot, you're better off starting a blog, partnering with affiliates, and creating your own product to make a nice coin online.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    I use to do surveys a while ago.they pay you good for easy work but the problem is some of the surveys you have to put credit card/ pay for to finish them.
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    Survey is a good option to start out, but you can't build your dreams on surveys because you cannot scale it as you wish. Eventually you have to leave it if you want to grow.
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