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Hey guys,

What do you offer when directing traffic to an OTO?

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    If it's a large ticket item, offer free shipping. Gives them one less reason not to buy.

    I used to offer fries with their order, but people complained they were cold and dried out before they got them, even with overnight delivery!

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    What do you offer when directing traffic to an OTO?
    Something so closely related and irresistible, they (mostly) can't pass it up.

    Something that compliments the original purchase.
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      I offer a discount on a piece of software that I know they are going to want and need something similar to for their business at some point. It's not done as an OTO, but it could be. I offer a discount special link in a follow up email after they have purchased my ebook. It's a way of appreciating my customers that have already purchased something from me.
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    I'm currently working on a membership site which will be my OTO with monthly fee's. Inside will be video training on my front end product which is PDF. Also additional and more in depth video training regularly updated.

    Can't beat recurring income!!!
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    i direct them to an offer that is similar to the niche product. you cant direct them to a OTO of a weightloss product when you are building list on dog training. so your OTO should be in the same niche as what you are building the list for.

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    I mostly use affiliate products. Something that is related and that will honestly help them out if they purchased it. I don't just throw any random offer at them and hope it sticks. I try to offer value as much as possible even with my OTO's. I usually only promote things that I have or have tried and liked as well.
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    I like report bundles a lot. Pack them with loads of awesome information. Whatever you include, make sure that it is relevant and very useful.
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    I offer something that make the work (the main product I mean) a lot more easier. Having said that I don't offer OTOs that look like the main product would be useless without the OTO. That frustrates customers and that's something you want to avoid.
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    I've never really liked his question because it tells me you are simply creating a OTO for the hell of it which I don't believe in. I always think a OTO should be something that complements the front end product. It needs to be something that makes using the front end product easier or more powerful.

    Remember, you know for sure they have just purchased the front end product so something closely related to that is always going to be your best bet. But never make OTOs just for the sake of making them. I've seen that done many of times and they are just rubbish upgrades that make no sense at all and no one buys them.
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    Something that offers more in terms of even greater value and longevity and
    also offers a very low risk special discount trial fee to a membership.

    That way it's almost a no brain required option to join.

    And of course yes it must be related to the original offer too.


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    The basic idea is that you offer something that compliments your main product and adds even more value to the main product. OTO can be a script/software to automate steps that you describe, it could be a highly desirable add-on like traffic generation etc. The main idea is to always deliver valuable information/product to delight your customers.
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