My Generous gift to the WF members

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Just because this forum is SO helpful towards me, I want to give back to the community for all the help that they have provided, although I still haven't made a single $ in profit. As a way to say thanks to all the members I have decided to provide free computer consultation service.

Let me explain this a bit:

Let's say that you want to upgrade or buy a new computer, or are just interested in some remote PC checking, perhaps fixing a small problem or some security advice then feel free to contact me via a PM or email and I'll contact you ASAP to solve your problem.

Usually PC experts, such as myself, charge from $65/h to about $95/h (rarely this much but i have seen cases of that also). But I am offering my services for free, only to you WF members.

So all of you that are interested feel free to contact me. my email client is open 24/7 and it checks email every 5 minutes. so I'll respond as soon as I can.

P.S. Just be sure to provide some contact info in the PM so i can contact you back, perhaps some instant messaging service that you are on-line with.
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