Should I post this video or not?

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Hi folks,

Yesterday I recorder a guided meditation video that I want to post on my blog/Youtube. The problem is, when I hear the recording I have to admit it's not terribly bad, but since I'm no native speaker it is not great either. It might sound a bit robotic to some ears.

Shall I post this video? Or shall I wait and practice until I'm completely satisfied with my own voice recording?

Looking forward to your answers!
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    In such a case, make a decision according to your video posting schedule and plan. If you plan to make lot of videos, then bothering too much about perfecting your tone and voice every time can be a bit tiring. However, if this is the only one or a part of a few videos, then make sure it's absolute quality.
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    Where's the video?
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    Is it possible for you to hire a native speaker to make a good voiceover? It can take too long to sound good in videos.
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    I understand your dilemma. My voice does not sound pretty but I overcome it by being enthusiastic. But I'm not sure how helpful that is with guided meditation. But isn't a soothing/robotic tone needed to help meditate?
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    Seconding Kush Sharma. Also, if it's a very personal video, then keep your own voice regardless. You will improve over time!
    If it is an educational or instructional video, it might be better to hire a native voice talent so the accent doesn't interfere with the content.

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    Can you post it here so we can let you know what we think?
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    What is the ultimate goal of posting it on your blog/YouTube? Are you wanting to sell an audio or video course? If yes, I think it's important to build the relationship with your readers/viewers so that your free content relates to your fee content.

    That said, you might be too close to it to judge for yourself. I agree with tvon. Please post a link here if you can so we can take a look.

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