How do I set this up as a Joint Venture?

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While I do not know how many people actually missed me, I have been missing from the Forum for a few years now. We are now in the final stages of putting some sixteen years of research into action but this requires some skills that I do not personally possess in this particular field. While my writing has proven to be most worthwhile and beneficial when it comes to research, analysis, White Papers and even some article marketing to get me through the leaner times, I need to find an established Internet Marketer and/or copywriter to help me set up some crowdfunding campaigns.

We are working with some truly amazing people and groups but none of them are going to commit at any meaningful level until we establish some of our initial projects here. Given the firm commitments we do have, we are able to provide a great many vacation packages and even homes to give away here in the Philippines as "Perks" but would they be sufficient to persuade Internet Marketers to run such a campaign? There would of course be some cash benefit for reaching the target amounts but it would be somewhat limited due to the nature of the work we are involved with. Our primary focuses are on building cooperative, sustainable communities to house the homeless and providing homes, educational and business opportunities. Some of our partners include people from Formula One and Microsoft but unfortunately, they are not able to make fuller commitments until we get at least one or two projects going here so that they can see the work we do in action.

Would houses and vacation packages received as perks be sufficient to meet the needs of a Joint Venture? Would providing the same perks as the "top donors" be a sufficient incentive? If you were going to set something like this up as a Joint Venture, how would you do it?

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    Add me on skype.

    I would like to know more about this project. Maybe I can at least steer you in the right direction on how I would personally setup a joint venture for something like this.

    Sounds like a cool project. Good luck with it!
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    We actually have a great many projects at the end of their planning stages and finally ready for implementation. We will be working with groups from Australia for the administration of community building projects, we are working on a fully self-sustaining facility on a 150 square meter plot of land that will produce some twenty tons of food per year, power itself and take nothing directly from or add anything directly to the local ecosystem or the environment, a Microsoft College in addition to a University.

    All things being equal, it is a rather complex and broad venture involving a great many people. What we are looking to do with the crowdsourcing is funding some of the initial projects and if possible setting up the necessary infrastructure for some of the larger programs. We have some truly amazing tentative agreements but to get the firm commitments we need and actually bring these people here, we are going to have to fund some of it ourselves.


    Yes I really am giving away homes and vacation packages in the Philippines. Ask me if you want to know more.

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