SEO services from fiverr?

by bbb7
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There is a lot of people offering SEO services in Fiverr.

Does anyone recommend it?

Does it work?

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    That really depends on you. If you know what you are doing and then simply want to outsource, then yes, there can be some value.

    If you have no idea what you are doing, then the chances are 99% of what you will get are seriously spammy links that will drive your site up for a day or two, then be lost forever in the Google black SEO hole of death.

    One way to use fiverr as a brand new SEO and not kill your sites is either to find people that are selling one link on their blog. Usually as a form of a guest post. They will usually write the content. And you can search for blogs that are specific to your niche. I have had some decent success with this.

    BUT, you need to ask them for the URL first so you can look at their backlink profile and see how much juice the URL is giving...look at DA/PA metrics and such.

    Another way is to use fiver to create say around 10 Web 2.0s, then use fiverr again to have tons of links thrown at them. For the Web 2.0s, it's doesn't matter how crappy the links are. Of course the better, the better, but...

    Does this help any?

    Here's a long article I did on the last one...
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    Actually, here's a PDF (direct download link) that I created on the topic. Totally forgot about it. Was using it as a list builder a while back. You don't need to optin to anything. Anyway, enjoy...
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      I used fiverr SEO services on my original company website and it absolutely trashed my PR. Having no backlinks is better than having bad ones. Google now looks at your links like the "community" you hang out in meaning having only a couple of backlinks from decent websites is better than being linked from anything in fiverr SEO. I used the very best related gigs on my original company website and my new website ranks higher for the exact search terms because those gigs were sooo bad.

      Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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