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Hi Everyone,

I decided to edit this post a bit because I did not like the way that it read.

I re-launched my frusketing.com website recently after I forgot to renew the hosting with Godaddy - don't know how that felt through the cracks but it did - I recently uploaded a wordpress blog and im running it as a blog/forum on the wordpress platform.

I was trying to find an integration plugin between wordpress and one of the more popular forums and in the search I found this plugin called SimplePress Forum - its basic but great because it has alot of tools that we can use from the admin end.

Since I don't know much about this plug-in I wanted to ask all of you if you have ever used it and if you have what are the pro's and con's based on your experience.

Do you think it would convert easily to vbulletin or another forum software if I chose to go with something different in the future...let me know your thoughts please!

Click the link below for the forum page.
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