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by Anshar
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Hello, i am ready to launch my first niche site and i wanted to hear some honest review of my plan from few people, who have done this longer than me.

A little background.
I live in Europe, and i am a graphic/web designer. I've worked as designer for over 7 years now, i still love the whole thing, i love attention to detail, purity in design and i like to build something out of nothing. About a year ago i started to explore IM and wanted to try my hand in this world. I was very very sceptical about making money online, i thought that the only people who make money online are people who sell guides about "how to make money online". I guess there is nothing unique about that - many have been in these shoes i believe. Anyway, a year a go, when i have bought countless guides about this topic, i decided to try this for myself. I didnt want to invest any money, but i was ok in investing a little time. I still had doubts about this. So i created couple of videos, put them on youtube, together with affiliate links, gave some SEO love, ranked them high enough and just left them there. I made about 20 videos - all were ordered from fiverr. I didn't see any fast results, so i tried a different approach - i created various facebook pages for different niches, one of them being Fitness/Muscle building. I Gathered likes for my page, made it look really good and fresh, and i started to promote deals to my followers. 0 results. I was really frustrated about the facebook thing - they blocked my credit card, my paypal, and i was not able to place CPC ads. So i got another credit card and just spent some money on getting facebook likes. This turned out to be worthless, because i can't really reach all my audience - for example if i have an audience of 5000 followers, if i post a fb post, it reaches maximum of 500 people. I did not sell one copy of my affiliate product from facebook. Another thing i signed up for was PLS system, that is another story and a regret. But i won't get into that.
I didn't see any real results so i quit. I still made money from online sales, but they were local - here where i'm from, people buy instantly, and IM is still fresh and not oversaturated. Basic CPC works fine, no need to build a list,people just come from the ads and buy. but again thats a different story.

A year later, yesterday, i got a check from clickbank. My first check worth 100 usd. its not a lot, but it gave me the impulse to go into this thing more seriously. I analysed where the money was coming from and turns out those were the commission's form one product - the one i made all those videos to promote. I get about 1-3 sells a month from that. I know thats not alot, thats why i am now building my niche site for this product.

So here are my plans for the near future.
1) Think of a name for my niche site | done
2) Draw a beautiful logo | done
3) Buy domain, setup hosting, wordpress | done
4) Make everything beautiful on my site | done
5) Set up Aweber autoresponders
6) Write good quality content for my niche site
7) publish some articles, with good seo in mind, include my previously made videos in some articles
8) draw traffic to my site. My main focus is to get traffic from seo. The niche /health btw/ is not too saturated, it is still possible. There are other good ways to draw traffic to my site, that i have learned from the war room and i will apply them as well.

My plan for the points 5 and 6:
I am planning to hire someone from to create content for my autoresponder and write all the articles or at least most of them. Maybe you can recommend other similar sites? I want to hire an assistant that can research and write. I will provide the guidelines for each autoresponder email. I must do this, because my english is terrible, it is not my native language, and i want this site to be perfect. This is the part i am little afraid of...I want the content to be really good quality and truly helpful, and that applies to my autoresponder as well as my blog/site. I am not sure yet what the best strategy for the autoresponder is:
either i go for a long list of emails that are informative and does not sell anything and only after a month or longer i send out the first affiliate offer, or i do this fast say in the third email they receive from me. If you have any tips or useful links i will be honored if you share your wisdom with me.

I am planning to put 2 different auto responders on my site: 1 in the sidebar, other will be placed after each post. I have to figure out what the best approach is tho for the sidebar - i think "subscribe to news" is not so effective.. maybe i should offer a free report or something, i don't know that yet.

I know this will take some time, but this time i am willing to work hard and smart

After this takes off, and i start seeing my first commissions roll in from my list, i will slowly start to build my own product, that will be design related.

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    Hey, Anshar. Congrats on making some money online and having the smarts to discover where that money is coming from and putting more effort into that source.

    Re: the opt in on your definitely want to develop a killer offer to entice people to sign up. Maybe look at which of your videos is getting the most views on YouTube and creating something related to that. Doesn't have to be fancy. Even just a checklist or resource list with links to affiliate products can work if you have a super compelling title.

    For your auto responder content, I would mix in offers with your content. Waiting a month before you present an offer is only going to train them to expect free content from you and nothing else. You don't have to make it hard sell. You can relate the offer to your informative content. One of my favorite IMers is Jim Edwards. He recommends something he calls a "stealth close." Many times it looks like just a PS at the end of an article that says something like, "Like this article and want to learn more about XYZ? Check out this resource." with a link to an offer.

    Just my feedback. I hope it helps!

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    It's funny. I am creating a post about this same Idea as far as the marketing model goes. I took a break to read a few posts before I hit submit.

    The only thing I saw missing in your list was your keyword research. Make sure you get some keywords that will at least get you on the first page of google with a little work because "no one looks past page one".

    You can find writers right here on the forum, fiverr, elance, and many other places. They are easy to find just start small with them and make sure you like them before investing in a huge project. Make sure they are not spun articles.

    Good luck.
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    I am planning to put 2 different auto responders on my site: 1 in the sidebar, other will be placed after each post.
    Put a lightbox on your site too. They will get you many more subs. then sidebar or post.
    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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    Its good to have a plan. Make it solid and stick to it. Maybe have some goals set like how much you want to earn in XXXX days etc..

    Its because you gave up before thats why you are still where you are right now. Strive for more success and it will eventually work out.

    Theres nothing as sitting down at home doing nothing and money comes in automatically.
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    Thanks a lot, folks!

    Already got some fine additions to my plan!
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    Hi Anshar,

    Please excuse me for not sharing the optimism and enthusiasm of others posting above.

    I'll understand if you prefer all the other responses to mine.

    I could write 1,500 words here, easily, but probably you wouldn't thank me for it, and probably I wouldn't blame you for that. So I'll err on the other side instead, and keep it reasonably short.

    There are two huge "key concepts" you need to know, here, in my opinion, because you need to plan everything you're going to do around them (and at the moment you're not doing that, at all).

    1. It isn't really the website that makes the sales. Website design helps very little. "Clean and simple and amateur" typically works much better than "smart and professional". It's the trust-based relationship built through email communications that makes the sales. The primary purpose of the website is simply to collect the visitors' email addresses. This post/thread will help you (it doesn't apply only to ClickBank-type products):

    2. ClickBank-type affiliate marketing and search-engine traffic are typically a very poor mixture. For most "general affiliate marketing purposes", SEO-derived traffic is about the worst and least-responsive you can get:

    Please forgive me for (perhaps) sounding a little on the outspoken side, but my heart sinks when I see people writing about ClickBank affiliate sales and then using the words "My main focus is to get traffic from seo" in the same post. The chances of there being a happy outcome from that are very small indeed, and there are reasons for this.

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      Thank you, Alexa, for taking your time to write this reply. It means a lot! Btw i have read some of your posts earlier, when i was just collecting information. Thanks!

      After reading your and other people posts, ive come to these potential points of action:

      • I will focus on creating good copy for my auto responder emails. I am currently working on a plan for each email, and when its done i will give a task to a good copywriter to write good content according to my plan. What i am researching now is a good strategy for my auto responder. If you have any good examples on how to engage with people on my list, it would be nice is you could share..

      Do i pre sell the product from day one, or do i give him/her some free advice, give them useful article and only then start to slowly sell him the product, or do i sell the product from day one /i think thats not the best idea/

      • Still i will create my content page, that will have many useful articles. Ive read from your experience, Alexa that a nice content page is better than squeeze page. Less signups,more money. My page is wordpress based, and i will try to add at least one article per week. There will be articles, whos main goal is to attract more signups. I will send cpc traffic there..

      • I will also build a squeeze page, however, i wont be able to send facebook CPC traffic there, because google does not allow that.

      For traffic, cheapprice175, i will try CPC/FB promoted posts with link/Article marketing like Alexa Smith did /haven't done this in my life yet, not sure what it is yet / youtube video links / and still a little SEO

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    1) Please use paragraphs because such a big chink of text hurts the eyes.

    2. The traffic part comes at the end of your list. In my opinion, it should be the seond priority if not the first one.

    3. You don't need so many autoresponder forms on the same page. It looks bad and makes you look desperate.

    4. Sending free information to your list is okay, but it should be so good that they should be willing to pay for it. And, if that's the case why not send them some paid info?

    Best of luck
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    Seems like you are on the right track. Use forums or targeted lists for getting traffic. I think that will be better than seo.
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    Hey Anshar,
    Your really going to do all that for one product, look around people are having trouble giving away stuff online these days. Ok it sounds like you have everything in theory covered, but man if your not going to set up an entire course don't waste all that time.

    Or try this, go back to Youtube and set-up a Youtube channel and a Google hangout conduct a simple mini-course around the best part of that product that made you $100
    (by the way congratulations), promote them on Facebook/Twitter in other words invite
    people to your new channel/hangout and see the response. Good go/Bad stop!

    Do you see how much time you will save finding out if it's even worth it to do all that
    work. BUT, if you don't take my advise I can write an genuine article on just about any-niche so I'm your article guy. kool

    Keith E (Keiresource)
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