Lots of domains, Wanna start developing.. HELP ME

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I have a lot of domains (a part time domainer), but none of them is developed. I was thinking lately to start developing some of them. I wanted to know what could be the potential.

For example, I got LegCramps.net not yet developed. How much could this bring monthly? At what cost?
Also some other much better domains (.coms) but all depeneds on feasibility. With that I mean :

1) Cost to develop
2) Monthly estimated return (conservative)
3) Cost to maintain SEO

Thanks a lot in advance....
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    Legcramps, huh?

    I don't know if I would have looked it up to make a business out of. But if it were a project, I would do as I am doing on another topic in the health niche. I'll use your domain where I had my subject.

    First, I searched for questions about leg cramps. Then I opened a text editor and clipped all the information I could find. Afterwards, I opened more than 6 text files to categorize the information.

    Leg Cramps defined.txt
    Leg Cramps causes.txt
    Leg Cramps cures.txt
    Living with Leg Cramps.txt

    Now, I randomly made up the above categories, but in reality, they were created according to the content I had accumulated in my base text file.

    Once all the information is categorized, you have titles, chapters, etc. for your information.

    Next, I took the first category, Leg Cramps Defined.txt and opened it with another empty txt file. Then, in the new document, I started creating headers for each clipping in the unsorted file. (Ok, I concede, leg Cramps Defined doesn't work for this topic, LOL) So I might list the different causes I find in the rough file. Then, if there is interesting information about any of the causes, I would sumarize the original notes into my own words under the appropriate cause.

    I would do that for each category.

    Finally, Open a LibreOffice (like OpenOffice or Word) document and start cutting and pasting the text from each text document into the word document, in the appropriate order.

    Next I would format all the text, proofread it and create a table of contents. Now you have a document about the causes and cures for leg cramps.

    If it is elaborate enough, you could use that product as your sale item. If so, you need to create a teaser document that can be a giveaway product.

    Since I can't imagine paying $27 to learn about leg cramps, I will go with making it my giveaway product to build a list.

    Look for affiliate products that people with leg cramps would be interested in such as calcium suppliments, etc. You can use Amazon.com, or if you can find something on ClickBank, use that.

    Next you drive targeted traffic.

    I haven't gotten that far, sorry.

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    If you want to get it out of your way, do as I suggested above, open a new mailchimp autoresponder and set up a short newsletter. Then find an auction and sell it as a turnkey business. Someone out there knows how to profit from it and can at least give you your money back.

    PS Don't mention not selling the email addresses anywhere so you can pass any along you might get.

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