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I made a thread not that long ago, and wanted to know what you guys thought were your biggest IM mistakes that you have made, and i thought it was really interesting to read all of that.

So this time i wanted to make things a bit more positive and ask you what you think is your biggest IM success?
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    My biggest success is running dating sites and clickbank authority sites.If you ask me the exact figures, well I can tell that it's enough to fire my boss, buy a house, and a new car every year if I want.

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    Mine is working online selling my design services.

    But now I'm trying to experiment with affiliate marketing.
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    the first time I made over 10k in a day felt pretty good.

    But also the time I helped someone go from nothing to $500-$1500 a day was pretty awesome, and the time I helped someone make 10 Grand in under a week was also very rewarding.
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    My biggest IM success was building a list. I quit my job years ago all because of the power of list building. I make many times as much money in a month every month ever since I made the decision to stop working for those knucklehead managers.
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    The day I found a loophole that let me make 30k a month without a single penny of investment. It only lasted a few months, but damn that was a great loophole.
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  • Email list.


    I am able to see all the girls I want just because of this.

    Doing this is not all about the money.

    It is about connection.

    Because I am doing Facebook marketing so I can tap in the group of hot girls to advertise.

    It is so awesome.

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    Biggest success? Being able to help other people change their lives, I'd have to say.

    The money is fine and all that, but once you have enough money it's the fulfillment you get from seeing others do well because of what they have learned from you that is unbeatable.
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    My biggest success was actually finding a method that worked and sticking to it.
    I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
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    A string of successes each building on the other

    Setting up my first Website
    Earning my first Affiliate Commission
    Having my first $100 day
    Having my first $500 day
    Winning my First JV Prize

    Lots of little wins that show that I'm reaching my goal
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    Selling the first copy of my book. I am still not earning much. Just 4-5 copies per month. My biggest mistake was starting this after wasting so many years.
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    My biggest mistake was trying to figure out everything at once and overload myself with information before taking action.
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      Originally Posted by rlopez88 View Post

      My biggest mistake was trying to figure out everything at once and overload myself with information before taking action.
      Same here. I believe, that is a real motivation killer. As you read different topics, being a newbie, you get overwhelmed by all the information and can't find where the road actually begins.
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    Realizing that I needed to focus all my energy into getting offline clients
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    Actually making money...

    It takes a while, many give up, many feel they've failed but making that first $1 feels like the biggest success. Perhaps not financially, but mentally.
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    My biggest Success is running my own Telesales, IT, and Virtual Staffing company now for 7 years. Many people including my parents told me I was throwing it all away when I turned my back on Investment Banking. Now I feel vindicated enjoying a lot of flexibility with my time, travelling a lot with my lovely wife while managing my own business.

    Get your totally free outsourcing guide here..

    Send me a PM if you want to hire top-calibre outsourced staff.

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    One of my biggest Success is following the 7 ways of marketing and getting Success in traffic boosting CPC and CPM by Bidding on the Keywords which gives Some thing more Professional!
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    Once I learned that selling online isn't really about "selling" at all... my income pretty much skyrocketed. My list responds much better to short stories that are engaging and based around their problems. This leads to more sells vs when i used to just write 2 or 3 lines and ask them to buy some random product.
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    $16,000 BY NOON black friday
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