Need help deciding a brand name.... ready? go!

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    Well, you should definitely listen more to the women on this one, but I like A better.

    But that may just be because raising three kids has led to me associating the word "pamper" with diapers.
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    Gemnora is a better one for grms/jewelry and nora as a female name. The other is like a diaper brand.

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    I'd go with A.
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    Gemnora sounds better as it has the word "gem" in it.
    I agree with Adie, the Pamper(s) is a diaper brand lol.

    Watch out if you are going in this niche though, there are a lot of copy cats doing the gem in candle thing like diamond candles etc...
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    Thank you! I thought was going to win =). Anyone else?
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    Not sure either are that good, but if the choice was only those two then A mainly because of the negatives of B as opposed to the merits of A.
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    I like Gemnora as well. Pamperlux, while I get it, does remind me of diapers. And I'm just not in to diapers. To each his/her own though. ;-)
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    I think Gemnora is close, but a bit weird to pronounce with the m and n together. Feel like a lot of people would think it's GemMora.
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    Definitely A! I'm with everyone else and being a mom, pamper makes me think of poopy diapers and not about pretty candles.
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    Yeah the first one (A) sounds better for a jewerly brand, but pamperlux lol, that does sound like a diaper brand.
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    Pamperlux would sound better for a toy store or any child store in my opinion. Go for Gemnora, good luck!
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    A has my vote but think your going to get misspellings.
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    I'd go with A, unless you're selling luxury diapers
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      I prefer A too
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    I would go with A.. It starts with a gem and the second option reminds of completely something else!!

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    Getting a bunch of people on an internet marketing forum, who probably aren't your target demographic or possibly even the right sex, to decide on your brand name seems unwise.

    Why not set up some paid ads on Facebook on a small scale?

    Use the exact same ad copy but with different company names / URLs and see which gets the best click through rate?

    Seems more scientific to me.
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    • Profile picture of the author Steve B
      Agree with Stuart.

      What's important is that the niche market identify with the name. Marketers have a preference but if you want to make money in your business, talk to your audience.


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    your target demographic
    Is who you should be asking. Neither mean anything to me.
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    Gemnora gets my vote but i still think the name sucks. What does it mean?
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