How do you hide domain ownership for PBN? or do you?

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After reading a lot here and on the web it seems a personally
owned PBN could be a strategy to use with low-medium risk.

The part I'm not clear on is how do you hide the domain
ownership from Google? Is domain privacy good enough?
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    Please use privacy protection for your domain. Each registrar has this available for a small fee. This will ensure that your PBN does not get busted
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      I agree. Also, be sure to go very easy on any links to your other sites as well, or the footprint will become obvious to Google. And you might want to keep those private too - and on a different ISP.

      on sales letters, opt-in packs, emails etc. PM me if interested!
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      Originally Posted by markgaperl View Post

      This will ensure that your PBN does not get busted
      This isn't so at all.

      Plenty of private blog networks are actively being penalized (and some even de-indexed) by Google, at the moment.

      Google is getting really good at identifying and penalizing this kind of so-obvious attempt to manipulate its algorithms.

      Some SEO websites and very up-to-date books at the moment are wisely and understandably advising visitors/readers that "private blog networks" are at the moment the number 1, top type of backlink to avoid.

      I very much regret that I've (albeit, again, perhaps understandably) seen this type of idea recently advertised as being available for "negative SEO, to try to get competitors' sites delisted".

      A backlinking plan which rests on something about which Google themselves are so consistently, so repeatedly and so unambiguously open about their desire to root out and penalize can hardly be a very suitable long-term business proposition for anyone who actually cares about their own rankings?!

      By the way, the thread belongs here: Search Engine Optimization

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