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Have any of you guys experimented with music playing on your sales page or your optin page? I am thinking of having some good music play in the background when my optin page opens up, I am in the niche of spiritual/escoteric meditation etc. But i wonder if it would be annoying to people to have music start when they arent expecting it. is there a general concensus or any conclusions that well known marketers have come to on this? What is your opinion? TY
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    I haven't tried this out actually myself, and the first thing that came to mind when i read your question was, don't do it...

    But then i saw your niche and some relaxing music in the background might not be a bad idea.

    All i can say is to split test it to see what works best.
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      Even a consensus honestly wouldn't help you. The only way to decide is to split-test it.

      My instinctive first thought was of all the people it might alienate, but then I read on, saw your niche, and I completely understand why it's something you might want to try. But you really have to split-test it, for your page, with your traffic, to know whether or not it's a good idea.

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        In the early days of the Internet putting music on a web site was akin to putting flashy things, whirligigs, doodads, and other distractions on the home page because "you could." It was kinda fun to experiment with all the sideshows and attractions.

        Smart marketers that wanted to make money on their sites tested all these things and found out that they didn't help conversions - in fact, just the opposite. So they got rid of them all.

        I agree you can test to make sure, but I believe you will come to the same conclusion that the money-makers did . . . no music.

        The very best to you,


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  • Even though your potential customers may be online researching spiritual/esoteric meditation music for their own use, keep in mind that they may be doing this from work, or from some other location where a surprise music track sprung on them will result in a quick closing of the browser, and possibly never to return again to your page.

    I've had this discussion many times with several vendors about automatically playing music to visitors on their sites. I always suggest to play it safe and give your visitors the option to press a play button.

    Edit: case and point, I am sitting in a Public Library right now with my laptop.
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    Music? i doubt if anyone would want that. Perhaps you could try it for sales page since that is longer. Unlike an opt-in page where i read few words and decide on the spot to put my email address. once i put my email address you wouldnt expect to remain on your page listening to music.

    a better thoughts should be having it delivered to their inbox if they opt-in.
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    It will take a slight load on your website loading speed. I personally dont think you need any music on the opt-in page. Either it's convincing or it's not. And there's no telling if someone is still using 56k or a (now current) high speed internet connection. But test and see.... should take no more than 48 hours to draw a conclusion.
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    I've never seen a test result where autoplay music in the background lifted conversions.

    I have seen it increase bounce rate... like, a lot.
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    What is "good" music?

    I wouldn't do it. You want all focus on your offer and I feel it would take away from that.

    With that said, the only thing you can do it test.
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    If you do decide to test it against no music (and you should) just make sure your music file isn't so large that it slows down the loading speed of your page. If it does your bounce rate will skew your tests results.

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    Personally, it totally annoys me when I have my music playing on my laptop and I'm surfing the web, and suddenly a website with background music pops up to interrupt what I'm listening to.

    If you asked for my opinion, I wouldn't recommend it, even if you're in the meditation niche. If I really wanted music, I would have a text, in large font, saying "Please listen to this" or "Attention!" or something of the sort so your landers know that they need to listen to what's on your site.

    Just my opinion, good luck!
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    The only way to answer your question whether to do it or not can be this...

    Do an statistically relevant A/B split test and find out the right answer for your target market!

    That's how I do it using the a/b split testing system.

    Hope this helps you.
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    A big no to the music you want the page to open as fast as possible.
    Split testing will tell you for sure.
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