How Elmira Had the Right Answer in the First Dadgum Place!

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Seems to me a lot of you fellers and gals that are new to internet marketing come in here lookin' for advise on how to make a livin on the internet! Well, that is fine and dandy but you need to keep one thang in yore mind... not every Slim Jim and Jane in here know what they is talkin about! You git what I mean?

I have seen questions in here where they will be gettin five or sex different answers to the same dadgum question. Ain't no wonder a lot of folks is all twitterpated in here. You need to be takin every dadgum thang with a grain of salt. Do not be jumpin from one thang to another based on some folks cogitatin! Do what them folks do who are bloomin like wildflowers and havin fecal results... test it and stay with it until you be knowin that it does not work. I can give you my hallowed word on one thang... nothin is gonna work if you do not stay with it for long!

Did that go confusin you? Tell you what, let me give you a real livin and breathin sample of what I am talkin about, okay?

Our high school here sits upon a hill (that is why we call it a high school) and we have a mighty fine football coach. Coach Cletus has been with our team for nigh on to a coons age. That there feller is smarterin a whip an he knows how to make the grade with them guys an gals on the football team. It shore is a shame but the fact is, not a lot of them guys and gals on the team could "make the grade" even if they tried! I am shore not makin fun of them or nuthin but if their brain was ink, most of them could not dot an "i".

Well, the superintendent, the school board, the parent teachers group and the Parents Of Other Parents In Education came to a like-minded, all of one mind decision. (Well, to be honest, that was not so hard to do since Coach Cletus is the only member of all them groups) He decided that the quarterback of the football team was not doin' her part to become learned in the fine art of math so he told her that the only way she was goin to play on Wednesday night was if she could answer a math question. Well, Coach Cletus did not be wantin to make it too difficult for her because she was the star of the team. In fact, she was the quarterback, the tight end and the linebacker of the 8 folk team so they could not do without her.

Well, Coach Cletus gathered them all in one fell swoop and told them what Elmira had to do to play in the big game on Thursday night. They was all real nervous like because they needed her real bad! Anyhow, he set her down on a stool in the middle of the room but she were not happy sittin in dookie so he had her stand in the middle of the group. The tension in that room was as thick as Ken Leatherman's skull (well, probably not THAT thick but purt near as close). Coach Cletus looked her right in her eyeball and asked, "Elmira (He called her Elmira because that was her dadgum name), how much is two and two?"

That there room went deathly quiet! They KNEW they was needin her in Friday night's big game. You could have heared a bumble bee fart! Elmira sat there ponderin the answer cause she knowed she would have only one change to git it right. So, after an hour or two, she looked Coach Cletus right in his left eyeball (Coach only had one, you know) and she answered, "FOUR!" Every guy and gal in that room jumped up from their seats!!! That room erupted in screams and hollers!!! In one voice they all said, "Come on Coach Cletus... give her another chance!"

That there story is about as clear as Jennifer Lawrence is purty! NOW, do you git where I am comin from? If not, let me just summerize it for you... when it comes to findin answers, a lot of folks may be jumpin on a bandwagon that ain't got no horses hitched to it! If you want to go somewhere, be shore to get on the wagon with the horses! The hard part is figgurin out who the horses are!

You all take care now and the Ole Hillbilly sends out a great big, smoochy, tabacky swapin, close enough to see boogers, kiss to each and ever one a you folk!
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