Overcoming Writers Block - Over 152,000,000 Blogs - Where Do We Stand?

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What do you do when you know you should be blogging but you don't feel like it. I have a few blogs but I don't feel like writing.

I have written lots of great content, shared them on as many social media sites I could think of but I still don't get many readers. I'm sure you have been their yourself where you have made a commitment to write a blog post everyday or 2-3 times a week.

And because you aren't getting readers or comment you lose faith in your ability to produce the type of content that people are interested in.

Some of you will say that regardless of having no readers if you're passionate about a topic you will write it. Well I am passionate and I do love to produce content but wouldn't it be nice for somebody to come along and leave a genuine comment.

Sometimes I feel like a ghost sitting at home spending hours writing the best possible content I can imagine and sharing it like crazy but still not good enough.

People will say don't give up it's really hard when your not getting readers or shares. It makes you question whether your good enough and why bother writing when there are better writers out there than me.

As a result you feel like a complete failure and might stop writing for a few days or even a few weeks. You lose confidence in yourself, and think the internet is such a crazy place nowadays,

There are over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet and you feel like a needle in a hay stack trying your level best to get regular visitors to appreciate and interact with your blog posts.

So, how the hell do people get their motivation to keep going when the going gets tough?

There are times I feel like removing my blogs completely. Yes I'll admit I spend hours on end trying to get traffic, I don't make much money so can't afford to invest in advertising, Facebook ads, google adwords etc.)

I have studied SEO for years and continue to study and put into action everything I learned about it. But I'm still struggling and as a result I feel I am wasting valuable time trying to get my blogs to stand out.

I wonder will there ever be a light at the end of tunnel and will I ever make a decent income from my websites. I know there are other internet marketers out there are in similar situation as myself.

I'm an honest, hardworking person and I'm just trying to make a decent income online just like other hardworking internet marketers do.

But that feeling of been swamped by the competition makes me think I will never have a chance now especially after years of working my butt off online. Okay enough of my whining.

Your thoughts!
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    152 million blogs with 120 million inactive right? There's no way you can realistically consider 152 million blogs as your competition, once you eliminate the ones that don't get used and the ones that don't cover the same topic you might have a couple/few million that actually compete.

    Does that mean you can't compete? Probably not and how can I prove it? There are currently 2,924,768 listings on eBay for iPhone. If you put up a decent iPhone for a decent price it will sell even with a bit under 3 million competing listings. -- I'd assume there's probably about 3 million blogs that cover iPhone stuff too, so the same rule applies. If your content is decent, and it's probably a good price since it's free, it will sell.

    I wouldn't worry so much about the competition. Competition means people are interested in the product, service, whatever you're trying to make money with. If you had zero competition I'd be far more worried as that means there's no interest and you'll never make a dime.
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    There are also billions of people around the world and all of them speaks differently and do different things everyday. I don't see a problem why you can write about what you think.

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  • I know where you coming from am in that spot right now i use to write very single day and now i find myself writing once a week or a month but am going to keep going because my blog traffic is getting better every month so am going to updates my blog again daily

    David Oriol
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