Fiverr Success Tips For Beginners?

by freak7
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I want to know what expeirenced fiverr users are doing?

I know most of them won't share their succesful tactics but at least give us some tips to be successfull with fiverr.

How can i reach first sales and level 1-2 ?
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    Create a Gigg and promote it off site and on social media. I've done it that way hand had been pretty successful before launching my own standalone business.
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    Complete you profile 100%. create good gigs, share with your social media. Be en expert. You can be success in the fiverr. there is no doubt about it.
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    If you participate in any forums or other websites (relevant) which allow you to have ‘signatures’, putting a link to your gig in your signature is a simple enough way to try and get some extra traffic coming into your gig.
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    It's not really hard to make a success out of fiverr.

    Simply follow the steps of the successful and create a slight edge for your service.

    1. Have a fully completed profile.
    2. Start your gig with an eye catchy title and well written description.
    3. Optimize them for relevant keywords and select the right categories for it.
    4. Add stunning photos and if possible a promotional video.
    5. You can see what other sellers in your niche are offering and try to double the job. It might look hectic at first but once you have plenty of reviews and starts gathering momentum you can adjust it to suite you.
    6. Your delivery period matters, deliver between 1 to 2 days for a start.
    7. Ask buyers to leave you positive reviews after every delivery from you.
    8. Once your gig goes live, you would have to start by promoting on relevant forums, video marketing and so on.

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    OK offer a rare service. Typically, new technology is a hot area. For example, I think there are on FIVERR only four people creating 4K video right now. I asked one to do a video for me. He sent 1080p instead of 2160p and I did complain, but he probably does not have the right camera. If you have a rare service... you can ask for extras that cost a lot of gigs. Also, there will not be a lot of competition for a few months until the word gets out and things heat up. Look at how many other people are selling what you are trying to sell before you jump in.
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    great tips, thanks
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    I have been on Fiverr for 4 months and turned over $3500. Not all profit but made money.
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