Any advice on the Best Free Webpage editor to use?

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Hi Y'all!

G'day! mates!

I've been searching for a good webpage maker to use. Also I was thinking of the easiest. I've tried using the following:

1. WebPage Maker - it was nice and easy plus professional templates but only valid for 15 days.

2. Amaya - from w3c - quite hard to work on, you must put time in learning it, as opposed to webpage maker which I was able to use and produce a site in less than an hour.

In case you know of a free editor that can literally produce a result in an hour or less please post. It will be totally cool!

hope we all enjoy the day! Ciao!

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  • KompoZer - Nvu's unofficial bug-fix release.

    KompoZer - Easy web authoring

    VERY Limited WSO. 100% Guaranteed.

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      When I started out, I used the old Netscape Composer part of Netscape browser. It's now replaced by Mozilla, I believe. You can download Mozilla free. It uses the WYSIWYG editor so it's easy to see what you're doing.

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        I agree with NVU. I still like CoffeeCup HTML Editor and Squarespace is interesting, although both aren't in the free arena (trial though).
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        NVU would be my suggestion!
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          Another vote for Nvue. I've made all of my sites with it so far. I have MS Expressions Web and have yet to use it!
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            Me personally I like Trellian. It has all the different things you need and is similar to Front Page but without all the added code.

            Here is a video from my coaching course.

            Creating a one page site with Trellian

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              Well .. you can keep your NVU/Kompozer - free or not ...

              It aint free when it costs you HRS of hassle trying read its cryptic code formating [JUNK!] and when it decides to overide your code snippet inserts and move where it places the code upon saving hte file!!!!

              Issue #1: code is near unreadable to find and replace and fix

              Issue #2: Embedded tables seem to confound the editor when added in "source code" mode. When you save - it moves your tags around!!! So ridiculous!

              Issue #3: Regardless of how many times I told the app to retain html code formatting and not rearrange it - it does anyways - incorrectly. It moved a closing /form elemt tag to some obscure part of the page and cuased my OPTIN form to break. it took 2 hrs to discover why the hell it wasnt working anymore and that the closing form element had been MOVED to some random spot

              Issue #4: Adding javascript snippets below the closing /head element - the stupid komposer app took the snippet and stuffed it inside the open and close head elements at its own discretion ... just flat out moved the code around on file "save" - freakin bizarre-o.

              Good luck to you Nvu/Komposeur users ... im done chasing down errant html code this editor creates!

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