Beginning Podcasters Masterminds?

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Do any of you know of any podcast mastermind groups that don't cost an arm and a leg. It seems like every one I run across is in the high xxx to x,xxx dollars which just isn't feasible for me right now. I don't necessarily need the "guru" help that price point buys but just something meant for beginners.

I would even be happy just finding a couple of people getting started in podcasting to group up with and bounce ideas around.
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    Have you checked out by Pat Flyn or by Cliff Ravenscraft...
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      Yes, I have checked out both of those websites. Pat Flynn has a free tutorial on the basics of podcasting which is great. PAM also has great info on his blog but his podcasting AtoZ course which I am sure is fantastic costs nearly 2k which just isn't an option for me.
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    Go to School of Podcasting - Learn "How To Podcast" with Podcast Coach Dave Jackson | Podcast Consulting, Live Training, How to Podcast Tutorials, and Resources and talk to Dave Jackson. I think it's $50 and he had a great online community you'll instantly have access to.

    Curious to know what you're specifically needing help on?
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    Gonna check out the school of podcasting now thanks. Its not that I need help with anything specifically just that I always find its a good thing to have some sort of support system in place when undertaking something new.

    I figured if I could get in contact with others just starting off it could be something that could be mutually beneficial.

    Mastermind may have been the wrong terminology for what I am looking for, maybe I will be able to find what I am looking for at that online community.
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    At what point is the training "too expensive"? I know of a few good mastermind groups, but I don't know what your price "pain point" is to direct you to the groups I'm familiar with
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