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I am a newbie to all this internet marketing stuff..
I joined a business ( which my friend recommended)
its good but my goal is to get onto the leader board with the most referrals well at least the top 100...the top person has over 2000 referrals..

I want to know how do these people do it?

What methods and what do i need to do ( heck to even get 1 person lol...)etc..

Thank You
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    Does the business scheme look like the below?

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      I'm pretty sure of that

      Originally Posted by Taniwha View Post

      Does the business scheme look like the below?

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    Which mlm have you joined? And as your sponser he should be helping you. Interested to hear your response
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    If you're doing any kind of affiliate/referral marketing you should always
    look at getting your leads onto your own email list first.

    This way you can market to them again and again even if they didn't decide to
    join your first offer first time round.

    And of course you can promote that same offer to them until you either get them
    to buy or the ones that don't can be moved to a separate list and you can find other
    offers that may suit their current needs/desires.

    All the best,

    Set aside time each and every day to visualize ever one of your goals as already complete. This is one of the most vital things you can do to make your dreams come true.
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    The heavy hitters you are seeing on the leaderboards are promoting the business to there list... If you do not have a list, then going to be hard to get to the top of the leaderboards unless you have a system to generate yourself a list (Name, Email, Phone Number, etc...)

    Squeeze Page capturing name & email then promote business to. This is the science of generating leads
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    Being in a MLM was good for me but I knew that it was never going to be a long term thing. I accepted the fact that I was only going to be in it for for 6 months before leaving.b This my friend is what you should do. Why? Because unless you have the tools in place like I did I.e capture page, auto responder then you got no chance off achieving the standard to be number one. Its not me being nasty or trying to put you down, im just being realistic and I want you to be the same.

    So get your tools in place.

    Watch the video materials available to you.

    Hook up and connect with at least 3 of top 10 people. Ask them questions. A good leader is willing to share.

    Go out and take action.

    Use your half your profits to up scale your recruitment I.e Solo Ads. This can turn your 2 a day recruitment to possibly 6 or 7 a day provding you are giving value and your branding yourself as a leader.

    With the other half of profits, I would look to save towards building a monthly passive income. Maybe selling your list etc....

    Hope this helps but really your sponsor should be guiding you.

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  • Here's some advice,

    Run and never look back
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    As I am new here, so I am following the expert suggestions. thanking for good discussion.
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  • I have mlm products I recommend to my students and it is possibly one of the fastest ways to make money online without a doubt, BUT the answers above are all correct.

    1) you need your system or sales funnel setup with the right tools mentioned above
    2) you need to reverse engineer your leader that you signed up with.

    If done properly, built your list and earned the respect of your leads through giving value and solution to their making money online problems, then you should be on the leaderboards pretty soon.

    Also, probably the fastest way to scale is in facebook ppc and solo ads and even free wso here in warrior forum. If you make profits from your business or have some funds to invest give at least 80% back to your business to keep scaling bigger and getting more followers in the process.

    Having a brand and blog is also crucial as it is a portal to your world that shows your authority in the mlm business.

    Never spam your potential leads but instead build relationship.

    People dont join mlm or biz ops, people join people.

    This is attraction marketing 101

    Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
    Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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  • I have to agree with Joseph, A sales funnel and reverse engineer your sponser, it won't be easy, but with determination you can accomplish anything.
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    Joseph are you in the ILN
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    • Originally Posted by oWEN tEBB View Post

      Joseph are you in the ILN
      Im not with ILN just yet but will venture out when the right time comes.

      My philosophy is to focus on one business opportunity and totally dominate with it!

      I have low ticket funded proposal that helps my students start their business if they couldn't afford the high ticket affiliate products just yet.

      So promote mlsp at the front end and Mobe at the back end to make passive monthly from one and huge commissions from the other.

      I find mobe's telemarketing team and my own sales skills a lethal weapon while giving value to my students
      Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
      Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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    Try to get as many leads as you can... get their contact info and keep promoting to them.

    One way to get leads, for almost any niche or purpose, that you can modify for your own goals is explained right HERE

    You can use that method without investing any cash, to get started.
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
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    You say there are some leaders out there with plenty of referrals! Then pick 3-5 of them and join there email list. Have a look what they are doing on their blog, facebook fanpage and everything you can find them. Study them closely and start reverse engineering their marketing. It will take some effort of yourself but that's the way to learn how this business really works.
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    Thank You
    for all your great advice really appreciate the wisdom here

    Thank You
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      Just like what others have mentioned you need a list. Look at building your squeeze page first, then build your list. You can get people to your squeeze page by many different methods, but one I use are Solo Ads. Make sure you buy from someone reputiable from warrior forum look at other peoples comments about the seller.

      Just build from there, also make sure you have something of value to give back to them from signing up to your list. Good Luck!
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    I think the best is to build a list in the niche of the kind of business you are into. which i presume should be mlm. so build a list. send periodical messages to your list about the features of the business (without your referral link). then after like a week or so, send them a message encouraging them to register with your link embedded in the email.
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