Is Adwords Competitive In The IM Niche?

by James Liberty 2 replies
I assume that Adwords is competitive in the internet marketing niche, is this true?

Is it difficult to be profitable with Adwords in the IM niche?
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      James, from my experience, Adwords for many IM related keywords are
      very competitive and very expensive, some as much as a dollar a click or
      more. I know this also from some of the money I get from my Adsense
      account on my IM sites. Outrageous amounts.

      Some keywords though are not so competitive, like long tail ones, and can
      be had for 10 to 20 cents.

      It all comes down to just doing your research. It's a lot of work, but it can
      pay off if you follow through.
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    Yes adwords is competitive in the IM niche as it is in other popular niches. However if you have a good backend you should be able to profit. While I have run profitable campaigns on adwords as an affiliate for internet marketing products, I am now testing it out with my own products right now. I will share how it goes in a couple of months time. Yes it takes that long to test.
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