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I debated and debated about posting, but I have met some absolutely wonderful Warriors and, right now, I'm at my wits end!

If you have read my profile, you know that my husband and I have a cattle and apple ranch in Northern California. What you don't know is my husband has spent over the last 30 years maintaining, caring and breeding a particular nationally recognized bloodline of racing Arabian horses. It is his passion.

About 10 years ago (unbeknowst to us at the time), a neighbor who happens to be a medical doctor, began to, basically, terrorize us...breaking equipment, blown tires, but most disheartening was he began to poison our animals. Not always killing them, but affecting their organs, etc. I know, you say Why would he do that? My reply is, he's sick and twisted. And it's impossible to give a rational answer to irrational acts. Lordy, we've tried.

So, we decided to move. We are still in the process. But our 'problem' followed us and 'someone' began to poison our horses again (it's a long story). Then, last Feb, Animal Control was called (by the people who did the poisoning). Instead of working with us, they chose to take all 17 horses. Last week we were charge with multiple felony animal cruelty counts. We are innocent, but since they took them, they can't back down, which is why the charges are so severe.

We have an attorney who as successfully defended these types of cases. But it will cost around $25K. What we need right now is $5K to get him started. What I need is some kind Warrior to help me set up a website or blog for a Legal Defense Fund so we can get the word out, particularly to the Arabian Horse world, that if we lose this this particular bloodline will be lost forever. We love our animals and have struggled to keep everything going...including going without so we can provide for them.

I wouldn't ask for help except I am on a dial-up system which drops off and drops coding; I have an older Win 98 computer which doesn't help; and I don't know enough to get it 'out there' fast enough.

I'm not asking for someone to do it for me, but work with me. If I went into the whole story, it would be a blockbuster book and/or movie. Someday I will write it down.

I do have hostgatar and could probably afford a domain name. Also have a premium Paypal account. I have been selling heirlooms and anything of value on eBay, but it only pays the small bills.

Any and all help is appreciated and anything I might be able to do in exchange is open for discussion.
Please PM me if you want more details or can help.
God bless YOU!
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