Is it a good idea to make money from what I've learnt

by tomako
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Hello friends,

I'm learning how to make money online for 3 years. I had set my goals (realistic) when I started and achieved them. I'm scaling my model and I think I am good at it, so no problem with my current model and income.

My question is, many people also make money from what they know, so is it a good idea for me to somehow monetize my know-how and tools I built? If it is a good idea, I also need some advices about how to offer my service or products.
Here is a summary:

-I am making about $2000-2500 monthly from Amazon, not too much for many gurus but it is enough for me.

-I have programmed some tools to generate some pages semi-auto. I'm an electronics engineer, and I specialized at natural language processing and artificial intelligence, so my tools are using advanced techniques. But on the other hand they are not user friendly. I am not sure people will understand and get the value of them.
-I do no SEO. This is important I think: a method with no seo efforts.

So what should I do?

Option 1: Make the software user friendly and sell. (I think it is impossible to protect it, if it gets popular, someone will crack it.)
Option 2: Sell the output of the software (ready to use pages, images, videos... etc.) and teach people how to use it. For example they will give me the products and I will deliver them the pages to use in their blogs. i.e. 10 pages: $30, 20 pages: $50 etc.
Option 3: Or build the whole website for them for a good price with some guarantee.
Option 4: ???

Also which channel is best for these mehods, wso section, fiverr, flippa, my own blog? thanks.
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    If you have quality information that could help others in anyway then you should surely sell, because saving the information could be a wastage in real means.

    Come out, and help.

    You should register your own website and then you can do all other promotions like WSO, Fiverr, Facebook or Google Adwords etc.
    You can save upto 75% on this awesome deal, so hurry up and GRAB it before the price hike.
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    Yes you can definitely do that. You can launch option 1 as your front end product and then you offer option 2 as an upsell and option 3 as your second one time offer.

    Option 4 could be showing them how to do the whole thing.

    As for the platform, the more platforms you can have the better IMO. You're giving affiliates a chance to find and promote you by doing that. But definitely not on Fiverr.
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    I would say that that if you can create a great software tool that becomes popular, you'll make the most money from that. Software has a high perceived value and if it's really helpful for people then it will sell like hot cakes.

    I also wouldn't worry about people cracking the software and sharing it free. That happens all the time. Sure you'll need to protect it so it's not easy every regular Joe can do it, just don't worry about it.
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    I was going to write what John Pagulayan said, good work!

    Tomako, I'm contacting you... I'm also no stranger to natural language processing and artificial intelligence (8 years in Computer Science between 2 degrees).
    I have 15+ years of experience & millions of visitors (I'm also a warrior since 2002)! explains how I can help.
    I'm looking for a limited number of serious partners.
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    The easiest thing to do to make money on your knowledge is to sell a ebook on how you make $2,000 a month on Amazon!

    I barely make anything a month and could use that knowledge.

    I am a C# programmer and I do understand about the less than user friendly UI/UX but maybe that is another product.

    To either show how to use your complicated software or have someone write a user interface that simplify your current user experience with your software.
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