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I am looking to set up a site whereby people upload photos from around the world. If successful, I imagine the site will have to host a large amount of photos (potentially tens of thousands). I was wondering what the best way to go about this would be.

Is it possible to get hosting of, say 10gb, with a provider and then expand the amount as the site grows?

I am located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Does this mean that I should get web hosting from an Indonesian provider or can I get hosting from an overseas provider? I don't expect the majority of traffic to come from Indonesia.

Based on these questions, can someone suggest a good hosting company?

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    get a hosting plan from international providers.
    there are alot of good offers with a high disk limit out there.
    buzz me if you want some suggestions. i'm up to help.
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    Sure, you can start with shared hosting plan and upgrade as you go forward.

    Just make sure you start with reliable company
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      Originally Posted by onegoodman View Post

      Sure, you can start with shared hosting plan and upgrade as you go forward.

      Just make sure you start with reliable company

      In the last 18 months I have put up probably 10-12 sites. I did one specifically just for pictures, etc. I can tell you to do your homework on reliable company. I have used smaller unknown companies, and I have more sites hijacked, hacked, etc. Currently I use GoDaddy and while I don't personally like GoDaddy, I have had ZERO problems with them.

      I am not telling you to use GoDaddy, but make sure its a reputable company. These days for shared hosting its almost all the same price-wise give or take $1.

      Per RoninInTexas above: I used Siteground for years until I had a small hack issue and the service was horrible and then trying to cancel them was even worse. Site5 isn't that bad, I really didn't have any huge problems, but they are a very small company.
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    When you choose a web-host they normally provide several services. The cheapest one is the share hosting package. This is a server that will be used by you and probably more +100 other websites. Afterward, if you really need you can get a dedicated web-hosting. This is a server that is only for your own use. Sure, the pricing is a lot different but also you get a lot more space and better uploading time for your websites.
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      Low cost and reliable hosting can be got from QHoster.com and A2hosting.com. Servers are solid and uptime is high and their tech staff is fast and responsive.
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    You can go with image hosting sites. which can available by searching it Google.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@ Bloggingpond.com

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    Hey buddy if you are good at computer stuff you should get an unmanaged vps for like $5 a month with 512 ram and I think 10 gb disk from digitalocean.com
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    Get a shared hosting plan there's hundreds of places, I came up with a short list of shared hosting providers that seem reasonable and don't get many bad reviews:
    Frog Host - Web Hosting
    Site5 Web Hosting

    I moved several of my sites to Glowhost, because they seemed to be the best deal for me. They handled the relocation of more than 25 sites without a glitch, no downtime.

    Hostgator, Hostmonster, Bluehost, Ipage, JustHost and FatCow are all heavily promoted hosts that are owned by EIG and most are hosted in the same datacenter owned by EIG and are quickly gaining a reputation for bad customer service and lousy performance.
    See a complete list of EIG sites [to stay away from]here:
    Endurance International Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    When you start to have too much traffic for your shared hosting, move your images to Amazon's S3 which should work out to be the cheapest for storing large amounts of files.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    You could find great web hosting at python1.com. The prices are very cheap and the quality of the web host is outstanding. Give them a try you won't be disappointed.
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    I have to agree with JSammy. I have used GoDaddy for years. The deluxe hosting account has flexibility and the customer service is excellent. In the past I have used others, but they aren't always reliable. Go with a proven track record!
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    If I'm going ahead with what you are doing,
    I would consider using FB pages to do that.
    Everything is already set up to implement your ideas.
    Just an alternative to think about.
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    Start with VPS/cloud and move on to dedicated cloud hosting.

    Initially you'll be spending like $75-150 per month but may have to spend $500-1000+ per month eventually.
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    keep in mind the image and video hosting sites are heavy and expensive. you must have a budget to go with it. Shared hosting will do very little for you or it will be OK in the beginning but later on you need a VPS (Virtual private server) and dedicated server once you expand or have traffic.

    I would never go with image based sites and hosting with low budget.

    Lowest Possible Price Servers- PawnHost.com

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