2 Types of Business Models - Opinions Welcome

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Warriors, I am at a stale moment in my business and rethinking my strategy. I need your opinions though!

Currently, I am working mainly on driving traffic to my sales letter through article marketing and blogging. I have been online for about 15 days and am getting around 40 hits per day, increasing slowly.

With these hits, and what I think is a great sales letter, I figured I would have made more then one sale by now, unfortunately that is not the case.

Now, I also have an opt in site set up, in which I offer a free e-seminar in exchange for a name and email. The sales letter has a link at the top and bottom to the e-seminar, as well as my blog.

Question: Which business model is better?

Work on driving lots of traffic to my Opt-In and set up an efffective email marketing system?


Do I Continue driving traffic to my sales letter, assuming that with split testing and an increase in traffic my sales will increase?

Thank you all in advance for your opinions and insights!

Mad Dawg
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    Hi Mad Dawg,

    First up, congrats, it takes some people an age to get to the point where they are getting steady visitors-some people never get there...

    As for business model, at the risk of sounding indecisive, both of the aspects you mention are pretty necessary.

    I will say though, that there can be a lot of testing and tweaking needed with email marketing also, so I don't know what your level of experience with that is, but if it were me personally I would concentrate on getting the sales letter up to scratch. Then you know you have a proven money maker and can multiply that by multiplying traffic-plus once it starts converting well, you can get some affiliates on board.

    Also, don't be too disheartened by the lack of sales...it takes a lot of visitors before you can average out a realistic conversion rate...if you've still had no sales once you've had say a thousand unique visitors, then it's time to start testing and tweaking in earnest.

    Also, I've checked out your page, and I'd say get rid of the optin form at the bottom...make the ps's the last thing they see, or perhaps an order button. If you use aweber for your email marketing, use their facilities to get a popup or a flyin, and use that to gather leads. You'll get more, and it won't interfere with conversion like the optin box is at the moment.

    Change the final PS to something that paints a picture of the life they'll experience with your product, or the crappy dreary life they're going back to if they don't buy it right now, today, and then tell them to hit the order button below...

    And on final tip- go to clickbank and check out some of the successful sites in the dating niche, like guygetsgirl etc. Check out their sales letters, see what's making them successful and see how you can emulate that. I'm not talking about ripping them off, but you'll probably notice some trends between them, and chances are it's not a fluke...

    Hope that helps, good luck

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      Mad Dawg...

      David made a lot of good points.

      You can do both aspects at the same time. Work on tweaking your salespage when you have had enough visitors to the actual salespage (500-1000 is a good number).

      Collect emails either through a pop-up over your salespage or a squeeze page that sends them to your salespage.

      Also test your opt-in or squeeze page once it receives enough visitors.

      I believe collecting emails is a must. Look at it this way. Would you rather have 1 chance to promote to them or multiple times to educate them and promote to them.

      You are way ahead of most people with what you have done so far.

      Best wishes to you.

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        Thanks a ton for your advice guys! I think it's all really helpful and definitely pointing me in the right direction.

        You guys rock.

        Mad Dawg
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          No problems man, this forum is a great resource if you listen and put it into place like you obviously have been doing...

          Let us all know how it pans out for you!

          Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

          Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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            You best model would be to give away a free teaser ebook
            or video thing... capture phone numbers and proceed
            to call your prospects and sell them coaching services for $100+
            per hour. If you are any good at seduction making sales
            shouldn't be a problem.
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            I took a look at your sales letter and I have one word for you:


            Prove that any ordinary looking guy can attract beautiful women and you're sales letter will be a winner.

            You could do this in a whole pile of different ways.

            One idea.

            Find an ugly looking guy...teach him what you know...then video him in action meeting girls.

            Put the video on youtube and embed the youtube video on your sales page.

            Repeat the process with other guys (and the first guy) until you have an overwhelming number of videos proving that any guy can follow your advice and win.

            The youtube videos can also be designed to create traffic to your website.

            Kindest regards,
            Andrew Cavanagh
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      You're up and running - that's great. And your product looks interesting too - it's a hot niche, lots of people are making money in it, and you can too.

      15 days is nothing; remember that people need to see your sales page and hear about your offering at least a few times to take action.

      I checked out your sales letter, and FWIW, I'd eliminate the "me" stuff - at least in the first half of the sales letter. I'm no expert on the "attract women" niche, but as a general rule, focus on your customers. Make it all about them, they're only interested in themselves, as we all are. :-)

      So your sales letter should start where they are - talk about the problems of being alone, being uncomfortable around women (or whatever they FEEL) - you have to establish that you're on your customers' wave length.

      The "about me" stuff should go in after everything else. Make it short. I like to put it in just before the Buy button. "Here's why you should trust me... I know what I'm talking about because..." Put it anywhere you like, but NEVER at the start of the sales page.

      Re your business models; they're not separate. Marketing is marketing.

      Are you a member of forums in your niche? I entered "dating +forum" into Google and there seem to be lots of them. Anyway, go where people who need your information hang out, and become active. You need to get known as an expert in your niche.

      A final point. You need to work on developing expert-status in your niche. So use your real name, or a name which generates trust... No offense meant, but think about this: when you compare "Mad Dawg" with "James Bond" which generates the most trust?

      BTW, don't use James Bond, you'll run into copyright issues. Use a name which sounds as if it belongs to a real person. And if you intend to stay in this niche, use your own name.

      Hope this helps. I wish you much success.
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