Hired blog post writer, should I credit them or ghostwritten under your name?

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding guest blog posts / blog posts in general.
Specifically, hiring someone to write them for your website.

Is it better to:

1) Have someone ghost write you articles, and you post them with your name on it on your site and leave it at that (they will not disclose that they've written for your site on their social media sites, etc.)?


2) Accept the content, post it on your site, credit the author, allow her to tweet/post to everyone on her social media pages that she is blogging for (your website). I'd assume this would bring some type of traffic to your page also, not necessarily targeted to the niche.

Does this any of this matter much? What do you think?
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    It depends on your Website, the author, and the author;s audience, really. If they have a large audience and the interests overlap with what you're offering, I don't think option 2 is a bad thing. But why not use a hybrid model? The same author can both ghostwrite and write in their own name. No one would be the wiser.
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    Guest blogging and ghostwriting are two different concepts.

    Guest bloggers are ideally experts or influencers in your target niche, and they should be credited as the writer of their content piece you publish. You let them reach your audience on your platform, and they let you reach their audience by promoting their post via their platforms.

    Ghostwriters may or may not be experts or influencers in your target niche, but experts in writing. You hire them for different reasons than the reasons why you cooperate with guest bloggers.

    I'd say test both and analyze the results for both parties.
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    I don't think it really matters as long as the content is quality and is not posted elsewhere.
    For the second option, it seems like something similar to guest posting. Why not accept guest posting and those who write the post would share it with their readers.

    Also it will be in the niche.
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